Broken Vows

Broken Vows

The Sexy Mofo "Do I need to start without you?" His teasing growl served only to unnerve his brother's wife. "We're here for the same thing." Sliding onto the bed, he turned to face her. "C'mon beautiful, you know what you want. Come and get it."

Dara swallowed hard as Giovanni stared at her intently. She couldn't deny what she wanted or why she was here. She just wondered if she could look at herself in the mirror when forced to. Could she keep up the facade for Marcus and crawl into their bed night after night once she took this step? Sensing she needed a gentle prod, Giovanni sat up and looped his finger through the belt loop on her well worn jeans. Slowly he reeled her in and pressed a kiss against the chocolate flesh peeking out from under her shirt. Soon his tongue came out and started a lazy trail around her belly button. Dara quivered, pulling him closer. A slow burn began to build from where his tongue laved and spread through her veins. She loved Marcus, but he had never made her feel this way. "Dara," Giovanni growled as his hands slid around her waist cupping her backside. Gently he nipped her skin as her hands gripped his powerful arms.

As they fell back onto the bed, Dara consciously slipped off her ring from its place on her finger and placed it in the deep of her pocket. Now was the time to not think about her husband or breaking their vows. Tonight was about her, and the man she had fallen in love with.