The Man to Know Not again. Not when work needed to be done. Dara could look into those sultry pools and stop her mind from wandering off into dangerous territory, taking her willing body with her. Furrowing her brow, she sat waiting behind the safety of her desk and regarded Dante critically. "What else?" Dante stretched out slightly on her leather sofa. "I need a good woman to rock my world," he said breezily. "Know anybody who could help me out?"

That was it. Enough was enough. She needed to get work done and here he was enticing her away from what needed to be completed by morning. A punishment was in order. Dara rose and made her way around the desk, sauntering towards him. She went to the door and locked it, turning around with a lustful smile. He wouldn't know what hit him. Dante's own smug grin faded slightly as her feral orbs locked onto his. He'd really stepped in hot water this time. His arrousal strained against the confines of his slacks and Dara did not ignore the change in her lover's demeanor. Too bad, he wanted her attention, he'd get it now.

"I'll be right back," she offered, her voice low and husky. She dimmed the lights and clicked on the sound system as D'Angelo's music and voice filled the room. "Where are you going?" he asked as she disappeared into the adjoining bathroom. The look she gave in response made him catch his breath.

"I need my Jimmy Choos for this."