The Brother Giovanni gave his visitor a withering glare as he rubbed the fatigue from his eyes. "What do you want?" His uninvited guest drew in a pained breath before speaking. "There was a shooting tonight. Moreno went down and so did 3 of his lieutenants, all execution style. I need to know it wasn't you who pulled the job."

Giovanni sighed. "Why does it always have to be like this? Why can't you just accept facts and leave me alone." Leaning against the doorframe, he let out a yawn, only to be pushed rudely against the wall. "You think this is easy for me? To know who my brother is and not being able to tell anyone about it?" Giovanni pushed the older man from him. "You've always been ashamed of me, of Papa," he shouted in defiance.

Dark, haunted orbs studied the younger man closely. "We are bound by blood, by family. I am ashamed of the things you do, not who you are. Never who you are."

Giovanni let out a bitter laugh. "Is that why I am the only one carrying the family name? You are ashamed, you can't even admit it," he challenged.

Marcus Taggert said nothing as his jaw tightened, the truth hitting too close for comfort. "Don't make me come after you Vanni," he whispered ominously before silently departing the darkened corridor.