Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers

The Prophecy "Smile brephos!" Victor called to his youngest nephew. Stefan responded with an eager grin. Stavros, refusing to enjoy the moment, kept his head down, his dark expression irritating his Uncle. "Stavros," he ordered briskly,"put your arm around Stefan. Act as though you are protecting him as all elder brothers must do." Stavros complied silently, tugging the smiling Stefan closer, his hand gripping the younger boy's.

Victor brought the camera up to his eye and focussed the picture until the image looked perfect. Click. A chill ran through him as he held the camera in place, still looking at his nephews. Stefan's smile showed how vibrant his spirit was, but with Stavros, there seemed to be dark shadows circling his aura. Victor could only hope the picture would not be a prophecy for the future.

The Cassadine family needed hope, now more than ever.