Between a rock and a hard place

Between a rock and a hard place

The Rivalry "This isn't fair!" Venus's voice came out like a squeak, despite her intentions of being firm. "I love you both equally," she added, only to have both men sigh with exasperation. "C'mon V, it's not that hard," Ned insisted. Jax shot him a hard look, "stop badgering her." Ned turned, his lips thinning with annoyance. "Stop trying to make me look bad," he retorted. "That only works on you," he added more quietly. "Hey!" Jax's voice rose angrily.

"Okay!" V called out, stepping between the two men. "We had our turn at childhood, lets try acting like civil adults." Both men murmured apologies and relaxed their stances. Justus entered the library, "what's going on here?" he asked brightly. Venus gave him a broad smile, "solving the matter of who I will escort to the Nurses' Ball this year."

"Who won?"

"You did," V declared, pointing a finger at Justus. Stunned, both Ned and Jax were speechless as V crossed the room to Justus. "If that's okay with you," she added, uncertainty creeping into her voice. "I'd love to!" Justus's voice boomed excitedly. With a quick wink to Jax and Ned, Justus turned and escorted V out of the room.