Between You and Me

Between You and Me

The Quiet Brooder "Leaving so soon?" Her sleepy voice questioned him in the darkness of her bedroom. He grimaced slightly, he hadn't intended to wake her. "Shift duty starts soon," he finally said.

"Right, you mentioned it earlier," she acknowledged quietly. She sat up and flicked on the bedside lamp, filling the room with a warm yellow glow. No longer groggy, she watched in silence as he slipped into his slacks, admiring the breathtaking physique her nimble fingers had grazed along just hours ago. So many other good memories of the past few weeks flooded her mind and warmed her blood. Still, it couldn't replace the chill in the room. "You regret it, don't you?"

Alex looked back at her for the first time and he couldn't ignore the pain and shame in her eyes. He shook his head, "no, never." She bit her lower lip, now uncertain herself. Felicia, her tone more hushed as if her question was delving into forbidden territory, questioned him again. "Is it Mac?" Alex crossed the room and took a seat next to her. "It's crossed my mind. He's my superior but he's also my friend. He's your ex-husband and is the only Father your girls know." Felicia took his hand in hers and nodded. "There is alot of history between the three of us." Her bright blue eyes rose to meet his unwavering gaze. "But what's between you and me has nothing to do with Mac. Believe me when I say this."

"He won't be happy when we tell him." Alex watched as Felicia tenderly kissed his fingers, his spine tingling at the intimate gesture. "Maybe not," she replied, "but what you and I have is something I'm not letting go of."