Bad Boy

Bad Boy

The Pupet Master Justin Jacks leaned back and watched the young beauty go through her early morning yoga routine on the sundeck below his terrace. The last place he expected to see Dare-a Jensen was playing wife to a wealthy businessman. She'd loathed the high brow lifestyle she'd grown up with. Until he came along.

Never had being a spoiled rich kid been so much fun. The trouble they had gotten into years ago still gave reason for him to smile. She'd been wild, in more ways than one. Such a change from the regal woman he saw now. He felt almost sorry for her. "Dare-a Jensen, what has happened to you?" he murmured from his post.

As if hearing his words, Dara paused and glanced up at him. He stared back, unmoving. Her lips thinned in irritation and she abruptly stood and headed back into the villa. Justin smiled, the battle lines had been drawn.

*A continuation of the postcard Collision Course.