A picture is worth...

A picture is worth...

The Hope This was by far, her favorite picture. Taken just by chance one evening years ago, it now symbolized the birth of a bond she had treasured her entire life. Nikolas's wife had pushed them together, insisting that the first birthday both brothers had attended willingly and without pain or distrust from the past, should be a recorded event.

LuLu, the birthday girl, had stood to the side, watching joyfully as the brothers she adored stood together, smiling as Dawn snapped the picture. Lucky would later complain that he looked prissy in the picture, due to the fact that Emily made a face behind Dawn. Lucky had barely managed to suppress the laugh. Nikolas fussed over the bad lighting in the room and how it made it appear he had no hair and both had soundly declared it a terrible picture of the two.

LuLu saw things differently. She saw brothers, no longer weathering the strains of their families and who were on the cusp of a friendship and brotherhood that would grow stronger as the years passed. She treasured it like no other.


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