A New Life

A New Life

The Newlyweds "Are you certain about this?" His soft voice echoed in the extravagant hotel suite they'd spent the past few days. Isabella glanced up adoringly at the man she had just married only hours ago. "I have never felt more certain of anything in my life," she assured him. Certainly her older brother would be furious at the news of her marriage, but Jerry would have to remember that Isabella was a Jacks too. The fiercely independent streak was in his blood also.

Stefan ran his fingers along her smooth skin and felt the ripple of love rush through him, something he was sure he would never take for granted. "They are waiting for us downstairs," he reminded her as her luscious smile mirrored his.

"We are just married, I'm sure they'll understand if we're a little late," she murmured suggestively, wriggling herself a little closer to him. Stefan smiled in response before slowly pushing her onto the plush king sized bed, covering her frame with his. His jade green eyes sparkled as their hands twined. "Bella," he whispered, using the nickname she loved, "where have you been all my life?"

She laughed gently, her fingers tracing a slow line along his jaw. "Silly boy, I've been looking for you."


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