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Welcome To Tom's Page!

Hello and welcome to my homepage! This is just the start, the boring page! Be sure to check out my other pages!

Well, I guess if you came to this website, you really wanted to know something about me, didn't you? Okay then, here we go.

My name is Tom Diehl. I live in Frederick, Maryland. I've lived here in the same house for the last 14 years. Everyone who talks to me on AIM or AOL wants to know what I like to do. Well, for one thing, I am a Christian. I like to read the Bible, i have a million favorite verses so don't try to make me name just one that I like. Along those lines, I also like Christian music. In fact, i LOVE it. I have 270 Christian cds. I am always looking for new Christian music, so if you think you have something I don't, please drop me a line. I want to go to Valley Forge Christian College (I was recently accepted there, and if i go, i'll be there with my best friend Steve). I want to major in business, and minor in music technology, because I want to produce Christian music when I get older. Again, if you are an unsigned Christian artist with a demo, I'd love to hear it. If that doesnt work out, i'd love to open up a store dedicated to ONLY Christian music, not books or anything, just music.

I also enjoy listening to oldies music. I enjoy hearing my music in STEREO and am a proud member of the Both Sides Now Stereo Chat community. I also like to watch old tv shows, these include I Love Lucy, All In The Family, The Three Stooges, and some newer shows like Boy Meets World, Full House, and maybe some other shows sometimes if i'm in the mood. I also like old movies. My favorite movies are the Back To The Future trilogy, and the first Blues Brothers movie. I am not a movie person and do not really watch current movies.

While I am not the athletic type (hey i'm 6'0 and 240 pounds), I do enjoy riding my bicycle when the weather is nice, and during the summer, went with my friends to the gym for a while.

I also enjoy just hanging out with my friends, driving around downtown (and getting lost) with Adam, and trying to take pictures of Keith, he really hates that. I also like to play Chess at the World Chess Network. I also like to go online alot, and sleep alot. I also love junk food, the cheeseburger is my friend. I hate seafood, i hate salad. I like some chinese food, not much though, same with japanese. I like pizza but get sick of it easily. I also like ice cream.

If I think of anything else to put here, you will see my website updated at a later time.

Tom Diehl, Webmaster
Last updated 3/13/2004

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