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Talonders Strikeforce Maps

,utils and Mutators :)

Maptitle: SFTDM-The_wasteplant
Short description:
Small Strikeforce Team deathmatch map

A small map, with some FX like usable stationary cannons and a trapdoor :)                                                                                                                        

The Map is rather small.Its best suited for 2 to 6 Players
Click to download SFTDM-The_wasteplant

Maptitle: SFTDM-AlienTechnology
Short description:
Strikeforce Team deathmatch map in an unusual location :)

Further Information:
Its a midsizemap, probably best played with about 10 people
Can be played offline (has bot support)
All custom graphics/sounds are embedded in the map, so no external packages are needed

Story Plot:
Some weeks ago Earth Communication Centers picked up an Alien Radiotransmission from an Vessel orbiting Earth. After a few days of investigations scientists were pretty sure, that it was an distress signal. A Group of Terrorists managed to hijak a Spaceshuttle with crew, that was planned to send into orbit to dock the alien spaceship. A prepared backup Shuttle was launched with a highly trained SF-Team to intercpet the Terrorists. .....Prepare for a high tense battle in the Alien Spaceship.

Click to download SFTDM-AlienTechnology

Strikeforce Multispeechbinding Tool v.0.4
Short description:
With this tool you can set up Keys for Speechtaunts in a very easy, way without the need of editing your sfuser.ini directly
Currently supported Voicepacks:
  • Strikeforce Voice
  • UT Male 1
  • UT Male 2
  • UT Female 1
  • UT Female 2
  • UT Xan Boss
  • Skaarj Hybrid
  • Nali
  • Nali WarCow
  • Ned Flanders
  • Deadeye
  • Marines
  • Dr. Boss
  • Dagget
  • SF Commandovoice2

Additionally there is a small Namechanger built in. You can convert your normal Name with one Click into a special character name ...
Click to download Strikeforce Multispeechbinding Tool

SF Commando2 Voicepack
Short description:
New Voicepack for UT Strikeforce, could also be used in normal UT. Has some useful taunts in it, like "Sniper!Sniper", "Need covering fire" or "Come out and fight"
Click to download SF Commando2 Voicepack

Giant Knife Mutator for Strikeforce
Short description:
This Mutator replaces the normal knifes in SF with giant ones. The attack range is 4 times the normal knife range.                                        
Click to download Giant Knife Mutator

Custombots Mutator v.01 for Strikeforce
Short description:
This mutator allows you to put all Bots on one side, so that humans can fight against the comp.

This options are currently supported:
  • move all Bots to Terrorist or to Strikeforce side
  • add or remove Bots during gameplay
  • change the speed of the Bots
  • make human players look and sound(then you hurt them) like dwarfs

  • (dont toss your m8ts )
    (The last option has nothing to do with bots, i just added it for fun)
Dwarf: Dwarf with giant knife mutator:
Click to download Custombots Mutator v.01

Briefcase Mutator version 0.3a for Strikeforce
Short description:
This Mutator adds a new Gametype to Strikeforce.

One Briefcase will be put onto the map.
The mission is to pickup that briefcase and secure it for your team.

The briefcase is equipped with an GPS-differential Transmitter. All Players can recive the signal from the briefcase, so everybody knows all the time, where the briefcase is located.

If the briefcase holder dies or drop the briefcase, he loses all the gained points.
Click to download Briefcase Mutator v.03a

Base Assault Mutator v.06 for Strikeforce
Short description:
This Mutator adds a new Gametype to Strikeforce.

One Briefcase will be put onto the map.
In Terrorist and Strikeforce Base will be a Rocketlaunch-station. The mission is to pickup that briefcase and bring it to the enemy base, and touch the Rocketlaunch-station, that will enable the self destruct sequence, and blast the enemy base into pieces. The briefcase holder gets 10 points for this, and every teammember gets 3 points. The round ends, then 1 base was blown apart, or then all members of one team are dead.
Players have the option, to use a soundradar or a visualradar, to find the Briefcase.
Some Features:
-Option to place rocketstations manually on every map
-Soundradar distance and speed adjustable
-Visual Radar available (if no sfpure is running)

Click to download Base Assault Mutator v.06

Voicepack Changer Mutator version 0.1a for Strikeforce
Short description:
With this mutator anybody can change his Voicepack during gameplay. Any Voicepack, that is installed on the server could be choosen. This mutator only needs to be loaded on the server,clients dont need it.
Click to download Voicepack Changer Mutator v.01a

ShowopenGL Mutator for Strikeforce
Short description:
This Mutator shows Admins, which Renderdevices the players on their servers use. (OpenGL,directX or other) The purpose of this mutator is, that admins could get a hint, if maybe a wallhack was used on the Server.
Click to download ShowopenGL Mutator

Antilowrecoil Mutator v.02 for Strikeforce
Short description:
This mutator checks every player for no/low-recoil hacks, and kicks players, that use this hack.
Click to download Antilowrecoil Mutator v.02

Antilowdetail Mutator v.01 for Strikeforce
Short description:
This Mutator prohibit the use of lowdetail settings in Strikeforce.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Click to download Antilowdetail Mutator

Here are some Voicepacks for UT and Strikeforce:
Gogeta's Star Wars Voicepack Click to download    Visit Gogeta's Webpage
Deadeye Voicepack Click to download
Full Metal Jacket Voicepack Click to download
Evil And Corrupt Russian General Click to download

The following are modified UT maps for Strikeforce

Quick and dirty SF modification of the "Hall of the giants" map:
Click to download modified Hall of the giants

SF modification of the "November/Submarine" map:
Click to download Submarine Map

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