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 Sports Address Lists for Sale!

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As a collector of autographs by mail, the most important thing you need is an accurate and comprehensive address list. Without that, money will be wasted on postage and supplies and  few autographs will be added to your collection. A good address list will be your best investment and  will determine what sort of an autograph collection you build.

My Sports Address Lists are the best, most accurate lists being sold, PERIOD.

Why are they so good? Great question;  here's why:

  • My research is done with many government databases

Some of these are free to use while others charge a fee. I get very reliable information on the sports celebrity's home address or preferred mailing address. Most address list publishers do not do their own research. They merely copy addresses from time-proven sources like Who's Who and other publications. 

  • My address database is processed every  three months with The United States Post Office and CanadaPoste (National Change of Address Service)

This is very expensive. This processing guarantees some very important things for the collectors that use my address lists:

  1. Correct spelling of street names, city names, and proper zip codes.  Incorrect address information is the most common reason for non-delivery.

  2. Current address:  when a change of address is filed, the new one will be noted to assure that you have the most up-to-date address possible.

  3. Invalid celebrity addresses are noted and removed from my lists; more current address can be researched.

  • I work with a network of collectors around the world who mail several hundred autograph requests a month and report back to me what addresses have worked and which are invalid. This way the address are lists as fresh as possible.

Oh yeah, one other thing: I'm an active autograph collector also and send out approximately 100 requests a month,  further validating addresses.

All of this assures that when you buy one of my address lists, you're getting the most current and accurate address available to contact that celebrity.

That's why the address lists you choose to use are the most important decision you can make when you begin to send autograph requests by mail. Find out for yourself  what collectors all over the world have already learned: offers ONLY the best available lists!

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