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This page is dedicated to my thru the mail and in-person sports autograph successes. I do not sell or trade my autographs. Thanks for visiting my site, if you have any questions please e-mail me at the address below.



06/03/23- Little bit of everything today. First the TTM. Mike Liberthal originally returned in February. Unfortunately he answered my questions and wrote a short note and returned my request without my card 😳. So I wrote again explaining what happened, I even included the questionnaire he filled out. In three months Mike sent my card back signed, but didnít include the questionnaire 😂. I did take a phot of the questions before I resent them. Next Brett Maxie signed my cards in just under 2 months and answered my questions. The Shawn Greenís are back from a Private Signing on SCN. Finally, the ďBig PapiĒ David Ortiz Hall Of Fame Plaque was left over from a Private Signing with Tom Orr. I purchased that. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/22/23- WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Ricky ďThe DragonĒ Steamboat signed my custom card. Ricky also wrote a short note and signed it as well. I sent$20. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/17/23- Eagles TE Dallas Goedert signed in 5 months c/o Eagles. It came postmarked from South Jersey, NJ. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/16/23- UFC fighter ďSugarĒ Sean OíMalley signed in a little over a year. He used a pre-signed sicker on my custom card. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/13/23- No TTM today but I did have a purchase come in. I purchased a Mariano Rivera signed OMLB with HOF inscription. Nice looking OMLB glad to add this to my HOF OMLB collection. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/12/23- Two in today, another return from long, long ago. Mark Haynes who signs normally quickly signed my cards in 3,533 days! Mark has one of the smallest signatures Iíve seen. That request was sent out on 09/09/13. Next, HOFer Whitey Herzog signed my card in 10 days. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/10/23- This is a purchase from talk shop live, Ed Sheeran signed CD,$14.98. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/09/23- Have a little bit of everything today, TTM, eBay purchases, and gifts! The TTM is ex-NFL K Nick Novak signed my custom card in 200 days. Next, my two eBay purchases Nationals prospect and Dusty BakerĎs son Darren Baker and ex-Nats OF Jose Guillen. Finally, I purchased a 600 card lot from Brandon Bradley and he included autographed cards of Randy Wittman, Bob Carpenter and Chris Calloway.Thanks Brandon!Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

05/08/23- Two-time NBA All-Star Archie Clark signed in 6 days from home. I included $20. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/29/23- One in today. Local guy, Tyoka Jackson signed in 28 days from home and answered my questions. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/27/23- A record setting day her at Rossís Sports Autographs!!! I had my longest return ever. Ex-Kings goalie Gary Laskoski signed in just under 15 years(5,403 days) just amazing. He even added a forever stamp since it had a .42 cent on it. Next, Emmy award winning actor Gordon Clapp who played Detective Greg Medavoy on NYPD Blue signed in just under a month from home. Finally, actor John Finn known for being Commander John Stillman on Cold Case. He signed in just under a month from home. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/21/23- Ex-Chiefs FB Kimble Anders signed in 22 days and answered my questions. I included $5 cash. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/20/23- Not TTM but I received two in today. First, my card from Shuffle Trade, Phil Ervin. Next, back from a Private signing with Chris Rison on SCN HOFer Kevin Mawae. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/18/23- One of my favorite Nats, Adam LaRoche signed in 172 days from home. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/14/23- Two in today, one is one of my favorite actors. Golden Globe Winner Mandy Patinkin signed in 11 days from home Next, ex-NFL WR Kevin Lockett signed in just under 3 months from home. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/03/23- One in from the world of Hollywood, Anthony LaPaglia who played Jack Malone on Without a Trace signed my custom card on the back unfortunately but he did sign and included a nice signed note. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

04/01/23- Went to the CSA Autograph Show today with my buddy Matt. Wasnít going to go but my kids told me I needed to go. So I did. The signers I got today. One of my favorite players, Warren Moon signed my mini helmet. I couldnít find throwback mini only the new speed helmets, donít care for them. Warren was great to talk to. Next, the human bowling ball Mike Alstott signed my throwback Bucs mini again a bit disappointed they didnít have an orange or red marker, so I had him sign in blue. Mike looked like he could still play. He said not really, kinda fragile need vertebra. Ronde Barber was next, he signed my 8x10 and thanked me for coming out. Finally, DeMarcus Ware got confused. The person before me was supposed to get the HOF inscription but he forgot. So he had signed my in blue which I wanted but stopped after his name to add the HOF inscription to the guys 8x10. Trouble is the other guy had black and DeMarcus finished mine up in black 😂. No big deal I have a one of a kind piece. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

03/25/23- Two success in today. Ex-Raiders LB Rod Martin signed in 12 days. Comedian Nikki Glaser signed in 353 days from home. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

03/24/23- Itís been a while since my last post. My wife has been fighting cancer for three years. On Wednesday God called her home. We appreciate everyone who has called, texted, messaged, tweeted however you contacted us to offer your condolences and lend support. Thank You so much. God Bless you all.

02/15/23- Ex-Seahawks, Redskins and Patriots CB Shawn Springs signed in 418 days. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

02/13/23- One TTM and a purchase. The TTM was ex-Irish and SuperBowl Champ Marc Edwards. He signed in a month from home and answered my questions. Next, I purchased this Shania Twain CD that had an autograph card inside. Not bad for $12. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

02/11/23- One in today. Redskins Super Bowl Champion TE Ron Middleton signed in just under a year c/o Jets. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!

01/24/23- Two purchases in today from my buddy Stu. I think I may actually try and do this set. Iíve never done a set before so this may be the first. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

01/17/23- Hey guys. Weíve been going through a family emergency since the day before Thanksgiving so I havenít posted. We are still going through it but things have slightly improved. Anyway here are the few I have received TTM. Annie Potts signed in less than 3 months from home, Pete Gogolak signed in 3 weeks from home and Cliff Harris signed in just over a month from home. Commanders rookie TE Cole Turner signed c/o team in a 7 months. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

11/19/22- One in today from the ďOver The Hill GangĒ Bill Malinchak. Bill was listed as a WR but his speciality was blocking punts. During Dallas week years ago Bill had been released at the beginning of the year and was at home. George Allen called him, brought him back and he blocked a punt against Dallas that led to a 3-0 Redskins lead that they never gave up. Bill signed my card in 23 days and sent a nice note. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

11/17/22- One in from the world of Wrestling. Eric Bischoff, who spent time in the AWA, WCW, WWE and TNA signed 1 card in 16 days. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!

11/10/22- one in today, one of the first soccer style kickers in the NFL and the first for the Redskins. Charlie Gogolak signed in 9 days. I included $20. Thatís all for now, GOD BLESS!!!


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