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UFC Successes

.”Sugar”Shane O’Malley sent:10/02/10
received: 11/22/10
Bio Put a pre signed sticker on my custom.
Georges St.Pierresent:10/02/10
received: 11/22/10
Bio Signed 4x6 photo I sent and personalized it.
Wanderlei"The Axe Murderer"Silvasent:09/15/10
received: 09/23/10
Bio Wanderlei didn't actually sign my 8x10. He affixed a signed sticker to the right lower cornere of it. Also sent a letter and put a signed sticker on that as well..
Kimbo Slicesent:06/02/08
received: 06/27/08
Bio Kimbo sent me a signed 8x10.
Randy"The Natural"Couturesent:01/28/08
received: 05/09/08
Bio Randy sent a personalized 8x10 c/o Xtreme Couture MMA.

Royce Graciesent:05/27/06
received: 03/12/07
Bio Royce sent a personalized 8x10 to me and one for my buddy Phil.