Open Hearth Cooking with Patricia Reber

My next cooking class at Carroll County Farm Museum will be held on April 26 from 9-2. We will be preparing 12 dishes from Elizabeth Ellicott Lea's book "Domestic Cookery". The recipes include Quaker, Pa. Dutch, Maryland, Philadelphia, Creole and antebellum dishes such as Elkridge Huckleberry Pudding, Potato Pudding [eastern shore or Quaker Meeting Pie], Dover Cake, Lemon Butter [in a redware skillet], Bacon fraize, ....Elizabeth Ellicott was born to wealthy Quaker parents in Ellicott City, Maryland [1793] and moved to Brandywine Village [Wilmington DE] after her marriage to Thomas Lea. Eleven years later they moved to Sandy Springs Maryland, where she died in 1858. Her book, first published in 1845, was enlarged in the next two editions, and continued to be reprinted until 1879. Contact Emma Beaver 800-654-4645.