Vegetarian and Vegetable Cook Books

Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets. John Evelyn. Salads London: 1699
The Principles and Practice of Vegetarian Cookery. John Smith. London: 1860
The Field and Garden Vegetables of America. Fearing Burr, Boston: 1874
The Art of Preparing Vegetables for the Table. Suttons and Sons London: 1888
Dressed Vegetables a la mode. Mrs. De Salis. London: 1892
How to Cook Vegetables. Sarah Rorer Phila: Burpee & Co., Seeds, 1892
New Vegetarian Dishes. Mrs. Bowdich. London: 1892
Fifty years of food reform: a history of the vegetarian movement. Charles Forward. 1898
Vaughn's Vegetable Cook Book. Vaugn's Seed Store NY: 1898
Vegetables, Salads, and Vegetable Entremets with Appropriate Sauces. Florence Jack. Edinburgh: 1898
Leaves from our Tuscan Kitchen: or, How to Cook Vegetables. Janet Ross. London: 1900
Substitutes for Flesh Foods: Vegetarian Cook Book. Edward Fulton. Cal: 1904
Vegetarian Cookery. Isobel. London: 1906
Vegetarian and Simple Diet. AR Kenney-Herbert. London: 1907
A Manual of Vegetarian Cookery. London: 1908
364 Vegetarian Dishes: neither flesh, fowl nor fishes. Kate Halford. London: 1909
Vegetarian Cook Book: Substitutes for Flesh Foods. Edwin Fulton. Cal: 1910

The American Kitchen Gardener. Thomas Green Fessenden. NY: 1856
Gardening for the South. William White NY: 1857
The American Home Garden. Alexander Watson. NY: 1859
The American Gardener's Assistant. Thomas Bridgeman. NY: 1869

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