Spinning Sugar


Spun Sugar

Put half a pound of water with one pound of Marshall's cane sugar in a perfectly clean copper sugar-boiler or thick stewpan; cover the pan over, bring to the boil, remove any scum as it rises from time to time, and continue boiling until the liquid forms a thick bubbled appearance (commonly called the crack) ; then take a small portion on a clean knife or spoon (or the finger may be used, but must be well wetted with cold water and used very quickly), aud plunge it immediately into cold water, and if it is then quite brittle and leaves the knife or spoon or finger quite clear it is ready for spinning. If it clings or is at all soft or pliable, continue the boiling until as above. When ready take a small portion on a fork or spoon, and rapidly throw it to and fro over a slightly oiled rolling-pin; continue until sufficient threads of sugar are obtained.

Mrs. A. B. Marshall's Larger cookery book of extra recipes, by Agnes B. Marshall. London: 1902