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I am a culinary historian focusing on foodways and cooking apparatus – stew stoves, bake ovens, Rumfords, steam kitchens, and early gas, steam and coal stoves/ranges. My writing includes 20-40 page info/recipe class booklets, longer 68p subject booklets (Civil War bake ovens in the US Capitol, Ellicott family and Elizabeth Ellicott Lea (1st Maryland cookbook author), Gov John Eager Howard family with Jane Howard, Pumpkins, Lemonade and more); Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America entries (Beaten Biscuits; Jelly), Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets (Layer Cakes; Sponge Cakes), articles (ie. Steam Kitchens in summer 2014 issue of "Petit Propos Culinaires") and my blog. I also do extensive research for ppt talks on Chesapeake foods, Lemonade, Chocolate, Hearth to Fireless Cookers and other topics. For over 20 years I have demonstrated and taught bake oven and hearth cooking.

PowerPoint presentations... talks.

Civil War bake ovens in the US Capitol basement; Hampton: A Federal-Era Kitchen and outbuildings; Maryland Kitchens and Foods: From Hearth to Fireless Cooker; Lemonade; Chocolate – from Cacao to Cocoa; Setting the Table and Dining Etiquette; Ethnic Foods in America; History of Bake Ovens; Stew stoves, raised hearths, steam kitchens and other oddities; and more in progress.

Historic Culinary Resources online... website

My historic cooking web site was started to expedite online research and provide information on all parts of food history. As a culinary historian using primary resources, I gathered over 1000 online cookbooks, which at that point were scattered at a variety of sites, and are listed by date and also by author. Some subject searches and articles include glossaries of terms, suppliers of historic ingredients, art and images of food and kitchens, culinary groups, blogs and cooking apparatus such as stew stoves, fireless cookers, and ovens.

I have spent decades researching in American and British libraries, historical societies, and archives; and am very fortunate to live near the Library of Congress, National Archives and the other phenomenal collections. I am always willing to travel anywhere to look at one of “my flue-zies” - stew stoves, Rumfords, metal ovens, hot closets, and kitchen boilers - in museums and private homes.

Researching Food History – Cooking and Dining... blog

The blog is to post articles of various lengths with references and more pictures. It is also a way to announce symposiums, events and museum exhibits.

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