Luis Meléndez: Master of the Spanish Still Life

"Luis Meléndez: [1715-1780] Master of the Spanish Still Life" exhibit is at the National Gallery of Art in DC. The show will be in LA in Sept, and Boston in January. For those unable to see the exhibition, the website has some gorgeous photographs of the paintings and objects.

His still life paintings depict tomatoes, melons, cauliflower, fish, bread, pomegranates, artichokes and other fruits & vegetables with cooking utensils. In addition to the paintings, the exhibition includes an 18th-century cork wine cooler, Alcorcón pottery, a lusterware honey pot, and a copper chocolate pot, as seen in his paintings.

On the main page under 'exhibition feature' on the right , is a slide show of almost 40 of his paintings and photos of objects on display.

Still Life with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Kitchen Utensils, 1774.
Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

Still Life with Figs and Bread, c1770.
National Gallery of Art, DC

Still Life with Pears, Grapes, Peaches, and Receptacles, c1772.

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