Museums with hearth or stove cooking classes

Hearth cooking classes are fun and informative. Each class is different. The time period, regional fare or holiday food varies with each museum. The Colonial period may include puddings, ragouts, and forcemeat balls; use a salamander, pipkin or redware skillet. Frontier classes may feature buttermilk pies in a Dutch oven and roasting chicken by a vine/string. Class size is generally small due to the size of most kitchens or for other reasons. [One of the Maryland museum kitchens I use is a good size but I want each of my 6 students to complete 2 dishes, and any more then 12 dishes in a 5+ hour period causes problems of space and lack of coals.] Contact each museum for details. Some of my students at a class offered at the Carroll County Farm Museum are pictured.

Museums with historic cooking classes for adults map 2020

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