Farm museum hearth cooking class additional recipes

Here are the additional recipes we did during the class which were not in the recipe/information booklet. Enjoy!!


…boil two fresh eggs ten minutes, put them in water to cool, then take the yelks in a soup plate, pour on them a table spoonful of cold water, rub them with a wooden spoon until they are perfectly dissolved; then add two spoonsful of oil: when well mixed, put in a teaspoonful of salt, one of powdered sugar, and one of made mustard; when all these are united and quite smooth, stir in two table spoonsful of common, and two of tarragon vinegar; put it over the salad.
Randolph, Mary. Virginia Housewife 1824

2-3 egg yolks, cooked
2T water
3T oil
1t salt
2t sugar (more)
1t prepared mustard
1T vinegar
3T tarragon vinegar (use less)

Combine salt, mustard and sugar. Set aside. Mash the yolks in a bowl and blend with water. Add oil, then the mustard mixture. When smooth, slowly stir in the vinegars. Try with less vinegar and a little more sugar.


Beat and sift half a pound of double-refined sugar, scrape into it one ounce of chocolate very fine; mix them together.  Beat the white of an egg to a very high froth, then strew in your sugar and chocolate, keep beating it till it is as stiff as a paste.  Sugar your papers, and drop them on about the size of a sixpence, and bake them in a very slow oven.
Raffald, Elizabeth.  The Experienced English Housekeeper.  1786

1 egg white
1 C superfine sugar
1 oz unsweetened chocolate - grated

Beat the egg white stiff. Add the superfine sugar and  1oz. grated chocolate, stirring until well mixed.  Drop on baking paper.  Bake in a slow [300] oven for 25-30 min.  The puffs will double in size.

©2009 Patricia Bixler Reber