Recipe Booklets

Historic Receipts booklets

My recipe and information booklets, ranging from 24-64 pages, are collections of receipts and quotes from period books, newspapers and magazines from the last four centuries. I generally include my interpretaions for 12-24 of the receipts, to be done at the hearth, beehive or dutch oven, or modern stove/oven.

If you have ISINGLASS or HARTSHORN, learn how to use it from many recipes (1600s-1800s) in the following booklet.

Jellies Booklet for sale

Historic Receipts: Jellies. Hartshorn, Isinglass, Calf's Feet, Pig's Feet, and other non-fruit jellies; including recipes for Creams, Blancmanges, Flummeries and Fancy Dishes.

This 44 page booklet includes information on how to make the jellies from the 1600s to 1915 [Knox Gelatine] with pages of information on hartshorn and isinglass. "Fancy Dishes" from the 18th and early 19th centuries include: Oranges & Jelly, Whipt Jellies, Fruit in Jelly, Artificial Fruit, Floating Island, Rocky Island in Jelly, Fish Pond, Gilded Fish, Moon & Stars, Henís Nest, Hens & Chickens, Eggs & Bacon, Poached Eggs, Ribband Jelly and others.

There is also information and recipes on various gelatines [first brand patented in 1845], jellies from ivory dust, moss, sago, and other unusual ingredients, various ways to color, and a three page index. The 60 period receipts follow two pages of my explanation how to prepare isinglass, hartshorn and calf's foot jellies.

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