SAUSAGE, or Saucidge, a Term of some Significancy in Commerce. The Sausage is a popular Food prepared of some crude Meat, usually either Pork or Veal shred small, seasoned, and put up in a Skin, in manner of a Pudding. The most esteemed Confection of this Kind, is the Bolegna Sausage, which is much thicker than the common one,and is made with most Success in some Cities in Italy, particularly Bolegna, Venice, &c. whence great Quantities are exported to other Places. 'Tis made of raw Pork, well beaten in a Mortar, with a Quantity of Garlic, Pepper in the Grain, and other Spices. The Italians are furnish'd with a great Part of the Skins or Guts for their Sausages from England. The Quantities of that Commodity yearly exported, are greater than one would imagine. Menege derives the Word from Salcicia for Salcicium.
Chambers, Ephraim. Cyclopaedia...1728

Preparing sausage skins; Flemish, 14th century
A Feast for the Eyes

Butcher's Stall by Pieter Aertsen, 1551
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