Wafers and Dr. Alice Ross class

The renouned Alice Ross (on the left) conducts classes on a wide range of subjects at her Long Island home. Some include Brick Oven, Cookstove, Cookie Cutters, Butchering,  Smoking, Civil War, Revolutionary War,  New Orleans, Early French, Spanish-Mexican, Early Italian, Dutch, Native American, Women & Long Island Traditions, Vegetarian Kitchen in History, Pasta, Noodles & Dumplings; Farm Breads, Farm Breakfast, Little House on the Prairie, Passover, Ice Cream, Jams, Jellies & Conserves, Herbs, Kitchen Gardens, Strawberries, and a Sequence in American Food History. The pictures of making wafers were taken during the fun and informative Dutch foodways class.

Dr. Ross putting batter on wafer iron

Wafers cooking

Bruegel's The Battle Between Carnival And Lent. 1559

Beuckelaer's The Waffle Maker. 1565

Recipe of the Month: Wafers, Wafels...

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