Tools of the Trade tent - CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington

In addition to hearth tools - Gridiron, toaster, trivets, tin butter skimmer and wooden butter paddle, and others, I brought various ingrediants - isinglass, buckwheat and ground buckwheat, various types of corn meal, grits...

Laura Gilliam did an excellant job organizing volunteers, collecting and displaying artifacts. She was at the booth every day, all day. Also in the picture as we were packing up on the 4th is Vera Oye Yaa-Anna.

Silverware display by Bryna Freyer. Bryna talked about a wide variety of silver specialty utensils. Asparagus holders, cheese tools, olive lifter, oyster forks, egg warmer, and many others.

Linda Campbell Franklin, at right, who wrote "300 Years of Kitchen Collectables," was on a panel discussion of kitchen tools.

©2006 Patricia Bixler Reber