Landis Valley Winter Institute 2006

Tom Martin conducts his advanced hearth cooking workshop over the President's weekend in addition to one held during the summer. Everyone attending, from hearth cook instructors to people who have been hearth cooking for years, benefited from Tom's teaching. As seen in the pictures of the Sunday dinner, a great variety of food was prepared in his bake oven and hearth. This year's theme concentrated on preserving in a variety of ways and then using the dried or pickled foods. We made so many foods I can name only a few: Schnitz & Knepp, Salisfy Soup, Turkey & homemade sauercraut, Stuffed stomach, Split Pea Soup, Breads and rolls, Mush muffins, Faschtnachts, Mrs. Leslie's Chocolate Cake, Potatoe Pie, Marlborough Pudding, Lemon Ice Cream and several types of pumpkin pies. We were able to use the salisfy and horseradish direct from his garden on a mild February day.

Landis Valley Museum. Lancaster PA

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