Picture of the Month - 1916 Cook

Janet McKenzie Hill, author of several cookbooks and editor of the Boston Cooking School Magazine, wrote this book for the NYAL Drug Stores in 1916. She wrote "American cookery has become cosmopolitan in its character. The New England cookery of colonial times has been superseded by cookery that has culled the best from every land and clime. Our markets glean from the whole wide world, to meet the demands of a people assembled therefrom, and cookery depends largely on what is available."

Some museums interpreting early 20th century kitchens

DC Woodrow Wilson House.
DC Tudor Place
MD Belair Mansion. Bowie
RI Rooftop & Behind-the-Scenes at The Elms Tour. Newport
VA Maymont House Museum. Richmond
WV Biltmore House. kitchen

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