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MAY EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
112 / 101 start of month.

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Cookbooks May10,11,14,15,16,22,24,26
Dining out May3,4,6,11,18,21,25,26,27
Several symposiums listed at end of month

May 1 Sun 2 Circumnavigating Spain: An Exploration of Her Regional Cuisines. "Spanish cuisine has been influenced by foreign invaders, friendly visitors, and her colonial history... travel 2,000 miles around the country and visit six culinary regions." CiCi Williamson. CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington DC HERE. TAPE HERE

May 1 Sun 4 Tequila Cocktails. “fascinating history….margaritas … new ways” Tammys Tastings $19 HERE

May 1 Sun 7-8:30 Pollen. “a honey bee with a full load of pollen will have an average of 160,000 grains of pollen on each hind leg…” Dr. Jim Tew. Bees Beyond Borders. HERE very interesting, no tape

May 2 Mon 7 The History and Artistry of Wooden Boatbuilding. Harold Burnham and Justin Demetri. Essex Heritage MA HERE. 3 inperson workshops The Art of Wooden Boatbuilding: A Field Institute in Preserving the Past. TAPE HERE

May 3 Tue 10:30AM A History and Appreciation of Coffee. Giles Hilton, William Hanson. The English Manner. 24 hr replay £31.31 HERE

May 3 Tue 6 Corn Tortillas, Mexican Food Memories. Karla Zazueta. LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes. HERE. blog Mexican Food Memories HERE TAPE HERE

May 3 Tue 7 Have You Eaten Yet? Stories from Chinese Restaurants Around the World. “a living atlas of the global Chinese migration, revealing the synergies of politics, culture and family.” Cheuk Kwan. The Ottawa International Writers Festival. HERE TAPE HERE

May 3 Tue 8-10 Barn Identity: Exploring the Architecture and Preservation of Midwest Barns. McHenry County Historical Society. Friends of the Edwards House HERE

May 4 Wed 4-5:30 Boston's Chocolate History. area chocolate companies and chocolate recipes. Dr. Carla Martin. Boston University Gastronomy. Hybrid HERE

May 4 Wed 5:30 London's Underground Nightlife of the 1920s & 30s. New York Adventure Club. Tape one week $10 HERE
May 4 Wed 6 A Harvest of Field and Stream. “18th century ancestors to catch a brown trout or rid his fields of varmints for crop protection and the kitchen pot? European settlers followed in the footsteps of the Indigenous Peoples of New England by altering their landscape through agricultural practices.” Stanley-Whitman House HERE. TAPE may be HERE great talk

May 4 Wed 6-7:30 Appetites of Ancestry: Food Demo & Conversation. Gail Schorsch, Chef Aifra Ruiz, & curator, Deborah Yasinsky. Bronx Council on the Arts HERE

May 4 Wed 7 The Jewish Diaspora in 20 Recipes. Natalie Neuert. Vermont Humanities. Ilsley Public Library HERE TAPE HERE

May 4 Wed 7 Zabar’s: A Family Story in three generations in conversation. Lori Zabar author Zabars: A Family Story, with Recipes. Center for Jewish History. Hybrid donation HERE TAPE HERE

May 4 Wed 8 Bread for Justice. Mo Cheeks. Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin (CHEW) HERE TAPE HERE

May 5 Thur 11AM Home Butcher: Making Boudin. Shannon Dietz, County Extension Agent-Ag & Natural Resources HERE TAPE HERE

May 5 Thu 12 Catch Me Who Can: The Design & Deployment of the Famed Baltimore Clipper. “During the War of 1812, the famed Baltimore clippers proved highly successful as privateers.” Fred Leiner and others. The Maryland Center for History and Culture HERE. TAPE HERE
May 2 talk on wooden boat building. Great talk

May 5 Thu 7 Cinco De Mayo Cocktails. The Cocktail Architect. HERE

May 6 Fri 10:30-11:45AM A Tasty History of Washington, DC Restaurants. John DeFerrari. Washington Metro Oasis $15 HERE

May 7 Sat 11 AM Cooking Lichens. Stone flowers "lichen scraped off tree barks in the sub-Himalayan forests is the decisive and defining ingredient of what we know and imagine as “spicy-Indian.”" Priya Mani. Zoom from Denmark. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE

May 7 Sat 4-5:30 Cobbler, Crumble or Crisp. Laura Scheck. Brooklyn Brainery $22 HERE

May 7 Sat 9pm Explore The Most Spectacular Coffee Museum in Vietnam. “3 coffee civilizations: Ottoman, Roman, and Coffee Mediation. How a wild bean from Ethiopia becomes one of the most consumed beverages? How did a cup of coffee affect the marriages of people in Turkey? What makes Vietnam the 2nd largest country to export coffee…” Heygo HERE

May 9 Mon 2-3:30 Ainsley Harriott in conversation with Melissa Thompson. Food Season. The British Library £5 Hybrid, tape for two days HERE

May 9 Mon 6:30 Green Tea with Milk and Sugar: When Japan Filled America’s Tea Cups. Robert Hellyer. Culinary Historians of New York $9 HERE TAPE HERE

May 9 Mon 8 Midcentury Cuisine - American Food Fads From the 1940s Through the 1960s. Leslie Goddard. Bartlett Public Library District. IL HERE. Niles Maine Library Apr 2022 TAPE HERE

May 10 Tue 10:30AM The Service and Etiquette of Coffee. Giles Hilton, William Hanson. The English Manner. 24 hr replay £31.31 HERE

May 10 Tue 12 The History of Israel, Through Its Food. Joel Haber. The Nosher HERE

May 10 Tue 2 North Somerset Bee Identification. “250 bee species in the UK… contribute to national monitoring schemes.” Avon Wildlife Trust UK HERE

May 10 Tue 2:30-3:45 The Workhouses of Wales history. Peter Higginbotham. Glamorgan Family History HERE

May 10 Tue 2:30-3:45 Alice Waters: A Slow Food Manifesto. Food Season. The British Library £5 tape for two days HERE

May 10 Tue 5:30-7 Ukrainian Dessert Traditions: Makivnyk, Syrnyk, and Uzvar. Anna Mays. City Market Classes & Events. Donation for World Central Kitchen HERE

May 10 Tue 6:45-8:15 Food for the Body and Soul: Advocating for Community through Culinary Traditions. Chef Janet Yu. Anacostia Community Museum HERE

May 10 Tue 9:30 What do Singaporeans have for breakfast? “influences from the Indians, Chinese, Malays and other races.” Heygo HERE

May 11 Wed 2:30 After Dark: Nights out in 1920s London. Lucinda Gosling. The National Archives £15 HERE

May 11 Wed 7 Faith Diffuses Chocolate Around the World. Debbie Prinz. author of On the Chocolate Trail: A Delicious Adventure Connecting Jews, Religions, History, Travel, Rituals and Recipes to the Magic of Cacao. Culinary Historians of Boston HERE. TAPE May 2021 HERE

May 11 Wed 7 Dishing Up Black History: From Plates to Protests. Kalin Thomas. Laurel Historical Society. MD HERE TAPE HERE

May 11 Wed 7 The History of Agriculture as Told by Barns. John C. Porter. Pease Public Library NH HERE

May 11 Wed 7-8:15 Charleston's Briny Gems: Sustainable Oyster Farming & Lowcountry Cooking. “rich history and flavor of sustainably farmed oysters.” Trey “Cricket” McMillan, Chef John Ondo. Smithsonian Magazine HERE

May 11 Wed 8 Beer in the Ancient Near East: New Insights from Archaeology. Jennie Ebeling. Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia (BASONOVA) $7 HERE

May 11 Wed 10 Sherry Tasting - Lustau from Jerez, Spain. Ian Blackburn, Paul Sanguinetti. HERE

May 12 Thu 12-1:30 Finding Insights in Words. “We glean cultural and technical insights from William’s Dictionary of English Bread Terms, 1550-1880.” Rubel's Bread History Seminar. William Rubel HERE

May 12 Thu 12:30-2 An American History of Meat Substitutes and Analogues. Adrienne Bitar. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) HERE

May 12 Thu 8-8:30 Rice. Cooking Along with Chef George Chen. Asia Society HERE TAPE HERE

May 12 Thu 8:30 Gin Cocktails. “history and origin of gin, then dive into how to use it in cocktails” classic and modern. Tammys Tastings $19 HERE

May 13 Fri 6-7:30AM Seminar 3: Beyond cooking: global histories of food-making collection by CRASSH U Cambridge UK HERE TAPE HERE

May 13 Fri 1 A Culinary History of Montgomery County: Stories of Its Land and Food. Claudia Kousoulas and Ellen Letourneau authors. Washington Metro Oasis $12 HERE Bread & Beauty: Making Value Visible, Foodways in Montgomery County. May 2020 TAPE HERE

May 13 Fri 8 Feeding Fascism: The Politics of Women’s Food Work. Diana Garvin. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE TAPE HERE

May 14 Sat 1-2:30 The Secrets of Apitherapy: A Journey into the Healing Hive. “Our ancient ancestors valued honey bees and their various products not only as food but, just as importantly, as medicine. …with modern scientific research.” Dr Gerry Brierley. £15 HERE

May 14 Sat 1:30 What She Ate and Why I Wrote About It: Women, Food, and Biography. Laura Shapiro. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE Register HERE TAPE may be HERE
(May 14,15)

May 14 Sat 2 How The British Fell in Love With Curry. “history of curry as we know it in the UK and how it has adapted to British taste. It explores old recipes… East India Company… Curry Powder, the first Indian restaurants in London…” Monisha Bharadwaj. London Walks. £13.52 HERE

May 15 Sun 2-3:30 Alice's Book: How the Nazis Stole My Grandmother's Cookbook. Alice Urbach (1886-1983) “cookery book writer, is forced to flee Vienna for England. Returning …in the late 1940s, she discovers that her bestselling cookbook is being published under a different name.” Karina Urbach. Leo Baeck Institute HERE TAPE HERE

May 15 Sun 4 What She Ate and Why I Wrote About It: Women, Food and Biography. Laura Shapiro. The Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor (CHAA) HERE TAPE HERE (May 14,15)

May 15 Sun 4-6 Spreckels' Sugar Empire. “late 1850s, Claus Spreckels arrived… from Hawaii to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.” Bruce Bennett. SF City Guides HERE

May 16 Mon 11:30 Warranted Not to Waste its Sweetness on the Desert Air: Canned Meat, Expeditions, and Consumer Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century. trade cards. Sarah Pickman (Yale) Material Culture @LarcaParis HERE TAPE HERE

May 16 Mon 7:30 Betty Crocker: And Her Cookbook That Changed How America Cooks. Leslie Goddard. Bloomingdale Public Library IL HERE TAPE HERE

May 17 Tue 2-5 Disturbance Ethnobotany – using edible and medicinal weeds. Tusha Yakovleva and Sarah Howard. Krater & Eclipta Herbal. donation HERE

May 17 Tue 6-7:15 The Creole Italian Table. of New Orleans. Liz Williams of Southern Food and Beverage Museum. Milk Street Live Online $29.95 HERE

May 17 Tue 6:30 Travel & Food in Northern California - Food Historian Lecture. Francine Segan. AARP not have to be member HERE

May 17 Tue 7-8:30 From Dickens to Downton: The World of Victorian and Edwardian Food. Carl Raymond. Gilded Age Productions $25 HERE

May 18 Wed 9:30AM-12 For the Love of Apricots. “growing up in Saratoga, the process of writing her cookbook, and will present a brief history of the Valley of Heart’s Delight.” author Lisa Prince Newman. Cupertino Historical Society & Museum CA HERE. July 2021 TAPE HERE

May 18 Wed 11:30AM Ancient history and desserts in an esoteric town: Sintra, Portugal. “When Portugal ordered the Catholic monasteries closed in 1834 …their bakers and cake-makers needed to work to survive….either sold their recipes or created bakeries. Heygo HERE //

May 18 Wed 1-2:30 Unforgettable Gardens - Edibles and the World Food Garden. The Gardens Trust £5 HERE

May 18 Wed 2-3:30 Cooking the Books: the Culinary Worlds of Eliza Acton and Mrs Beeton. “Mrs Beeton’s biographer Kathryn Hughes and Annabel Abbs, the author of a fictional account of Acton’s life – The Language of Life – as they discuss the life, work and legacy of these two remarkable women.” Food Season. The British Library £5 Hybrid, TAPE for two days HERE

May 18 Wed 2:30 A History of Beekeeping. World Bee Day Lecture Series. Jane Ridler. Bees Abroad. HERE //

May 18 Wed 6:30-7:45 Restaurants That Changed America. Paul Freedman. AARP not have to be member HERE. New York Society Library 2017 TAPE HERE

My 18 Wed 10 PM Mushrooms as Medicine. Christopher Hobbs. Cascade Mycological Society HERE Livestream Youtube TAPE HERE

May 19 Thu 11 Zea mays L.: An Introduction to the History and Culture of Corn and Maize. Dr. Dolores Piperno, Dr. Jim Holland, Electa Hare-RedCorn. National Agricultural Library. 3 part series and TAPES HERE

May 19 Thu 12-1:30 Italian Olive Oil: From Sacred Grove to Contemporary Art. “Italian artist Francesco Ciavaglioli, Rome-based curator Cornelia Lauf, and Luanne Savino O’Loughlin, an importer and retailer for Olio2Go.” Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

May 19 Thu 7AM-2 Cultures of Indigenous Diplomacy - A Digital Conference. Variety of talks including “"yakunhéhkwʌ: Our Sisters", a cooking demonstration of Haudenosaunee traditional foods” by Rick Powless. "Food Sovereignty and the Power of Indigenous Planting" by Ken Parker. Treatied Spaces Research Group. UK HERE

May 19 Thur 12:15-2 ‘Most odious and unjust monopolies’: Starch, the Grocers’ Company, and anti-monopoly petitioning in Jacobean London. Ellen Patterson. Sermons & Civic culture. Mary Morrissey. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) HERE

May 19 Thu 1 The Potato Plague: A Terribly Interesting Subject. “used natural history collections and herbarium specimens to identify and track the spread of P. infestans…” over 140 years. Dr Jean Ristaino. Linnean Society of London. HERE TAPE HERE

May 19 Thu 2-3:30 The Nom Wah Cookbook: Recipes and stories from 100 years at NYC’s iconic Dim Sum restaurant. Wilson Tang (owner Nom Wah Tea Parlor in Manhattan's Chinatown) & Joshua Stein. New York Public Library. HERE

May 19 Thu 3:30-5 Between Fantasy and Farmland - The Long History of Arab-Americans. Dr. Martyn Oliver. SPSCC Student Engagement, HERE

May 19 Thu 7 How Fresh Water Has Shaped New Hampshire. James Rousmaniere. Dunbar Free Library NH HERE

May 19 Thu 7 Entangling Lives: Locating Early American Women’s History in the Built Environment. Forty Acres, the historic house in Hadley, Mass. Marla Miller. Library Company Phila. HERE TAPE HERE

May 19 Thu 7:30 Western-style Confectionary and Colonial Taiwan: Conglomerates, Settler Colonialism, and Tropical Agriculture. Lillian Tsay. Center for Taiwan Studies at UC Santa Barbara HERE

May 20 Fri 8AM Histories: What to Eat Next – Exploring Singapore’s Food Heritage. Dr Kelvin Low, Pamelia Chia. National Library Board. Singapore HERE

May 21 Sat 6:30 Dining in Colonial Maryland. Rodgers Tavern Museum HERE

May 22 Sun 3-4:30 The Espresso of Tea: Advantages of Brewing Tea the Chinese Way. The Cultured Cup $15 HERE

May 23-28 week long. FEASTSF: San Francisco-based virtual festival celebrating food & eating as art forms. Virgie Tovar. Schedule: HERE

May 23 Mon 7 Poor Houses and Town Farms: The Hard Row for Paupers. Stephen Taylor. Chesterfield Historical Society NH HERE

May 24 Tue 8-9:30 A History of Cookbooks and Recipes. Sarah Lohman. Brooklyn Brainery $10 HERE

May 25 Wed 7AM Kibworth Harcourt Mill Repair Project. 1711 only surviving post windmill. Dr. David Holmes. The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) £8 tape for registered HERE

May 25 Wed 12 We need to talk about...How to Find Reliable Sources of Information. Jeremy Cherfas (Eat This Podcast), Elizabeth Yorke, Anusha Murthy (Edible Issues), Ken Albala (Food: A Cultural Culinary History). Oxford Food Symposium. £15 HERE

May 25 Wed 1 Double Take Online: Feast Your Eyes. “two Smithsonian experts [talk] about "Breakfast Tacos" [photo] and the cultural significance of the food we eat.” Claudia Zapata, Steve Velasquez. Smithsonian American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery HERE

May 25 Wed 7 Transpacific Engagements: Trade, Translation, and Visual Culture of Entangled Empires (1565–1898) Book panel series. 3/3 (Mr 30, Ap27) Getty Center CA HERE TAPE may be HERE

May 25 Wed 8 Indian Street Food. Ranjana Bhargave. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE TAPE HERE

May 25 Wed 8-9:30 Food and Art. “histories of Zoomorphic Tureens, Ginger Jars, Renaissance Sugar Sculptures, and Swan Eating. Then she'll cover two more modern art pieces…” Sarah Lohman, Jonathan Soma. Brooklyn Brainery $9 HERE

May 26 Thu 9AM Food Relief Parcels for Jewish Prisoners in Nazi-Occupied Europe. Jan Lambertz, Jan Láníček. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) HERE TAPE HERE

May 26 Thu 10:30AM Port Out, Starboard Home! The History & Etiquette of The Holiday (vacations). Steven Moore. The English Manner £30.77 HERE

May 26 Thu 11AM-12:30 Sustainable Spain: Through tradition & innovation. Tasting Climate Change. HERE TAPE HERE

May 26 Thu 12-12:45 Tastes Like War. “Korean meals, memories of a mother fighting racism and the onset of schizophrenia…” Grace M. Cho, Emma Ito. VA Festival of the Book HERE June 2021 TAPE HERE

May 26 Thu 12-1:30 Flatbreads! of Choice or Poverty. Rubel's Bread History Seminar. William Rubel HERE

May 26 Thu 1 Meatpacking America: How Migration, Work, and Faith Unite and Divide the Heartland. Kristy Nabhan-Warren. Iowa History 101. State Historical Society of Iowa HERE TAPE HERE

May 26 Thu 2 Unearthed History: Freed Enslaved Peoples and the Poor Farm. Kathy Ostrander Roberts. Brick Store Museum. Kennebunk, ME. tape for registrants and museum members HERE

May 26 Thu 6:30 Transfer Restaurant. A Taste of Old Colony History. “looking back at menus from the Transfer Restaurant and whipping up some of their classics…” Old Colony History Museum MA HERE TAPE HERE

May 26 Thu 8-10 Scotch. Exploration of Speyside and the Highlands. Exploration of Scotch pt 2. Kurt Maitland & Sarah Jeltema. Museum of Distilled Spirits $25 HERE

May 27 Fri 9AM Crowning King and Restoration: Charles II’s coronation, 1661. [?maybe have banquet?] Dr Neil Johnston. The National Archives £15 tape available for 2 days HERE. Richard III coronation 1483. June 17
Banqueting sweets for a Prince of Wales c1610 blog post on online recipe manuscript with 4 page list of banqueting foods, many period paintings and TAPE of the talk also HERE

May 27 Fri 2-4 Angela Hartnett's Good Food for Real Life. Food Season. The British Library £5 Hybrid, tape for two days HERE

May 27 Fri 8 Sake Through the Ages. “how sake evolved in Japan over the centuries, touching on its uses, applications, and types of sake at the time.” Mark Zheng-Garratt . Japan America Society of Chicago HERE

May 27 Fri 9-9:40 pm Singapore's heritage food. “UNESCO recognised our hawker culture as an intangible cultural heritage.” Article HERE. Heygo HERE

May 28 Sat 1 New Jersey's Drinking Water Crisis of 1876. Kevin Olsen. County of Passaic HERE cancelled

May 29 Sun 3-5 Indigenous Cuisine with Chef Douglas Hyndford. Bannock, Wild Rice Salad with Maple Vinaigrette. Saskatchewan Intercultural Association, Canada HERE

May 29 Sun 5 Great Famine Voices: Hamilton, Ontario. 175 years ago. Short video in series “featuring Irish emigrants and the descendants of Famine migrants, sharing cherished family letters and artifacts, as well as historical perspectives from Dr. Laura Smith.” Canada Ireland Foundation HERE TAPE HERE at Irish Heritage Trust - Bringing Places to Life

May 30 Mon 11AM World War I in Belgium - The Trench of Death. “last remaining remnant of the Belgian First World War trench system. … we will get an insight into how everyday life was for soldiers on the front line...also pay tribute to those soldiers who never returned.” Heygo HERE

May 31-Je 1 Dublin Gastronomy Symposium 2022: Food and Movement. In person, and Online Tickets €30 HERE. Provisional schedule HERE

May 31 Tue 2:30-4 The Festival of Lammas. Ronald Hutton. The Viktor Wynd Museum & The Last Tuesday Society. £5.82 HERE

May 31 Tue 7:30-9 Healthy, Happy, and Wholesome: Cooking and Wellness in Canadian History. cookbook themed digital exhibit. Culinary Historians of Canada HERE


May 19 Thu 7AM-2 Cultures of Indigenous Diplomacy - A Digital Conference. Variety of talks including “"yakunhéhkwʌ: Our Sisters", a cooking demonstration of Haudenosaunee traditional foods” by Rick Powless. "Food Sovereignty and the Power of Indigenous Planting" by Ken Parker. Treatied Spaces Research Group. UK HERE

May 31-Je 1 Dublin Gastronomy Symposium 2022: Food and Movement. In person; and Online Tickets €30 HERE. Provisional schedule HERE

Jun 3-5 all day “Under my Vine & Fig Tree”: Gardens and Landscapes in the Age of Washington and Now. Mount Vernon Symposium. Mount Vernon museum. VA Hybrid $25 HERE

Jun 22-24 Wed 8-12; Th 11-3; Fri 9-1 Tea: Nature, Culture, Society, 1650-1850. Symposium, many talks. Linnean Society of London HERE

Jun 25 & 26 Past to Apron symposium. A Taste of History. Talks: A History of Herbalism, Buttermilk, The History of the Harvest and Halloween in Newfoundland and Labrador, The History of Alcohol in Newfoundland and Labrador, Newspaper Cooking Schools early 20th cen, Food History at Stratford Hall Plantation, Oh Gasp(e) is that Bread? (outside bake ovens), The Fortnum's Hamper, Afternoon Tea. $20-30 HERE

July 15-31 Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery. Portable Food: Food away from the table. [July 8-10 in person] £50 HERE

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