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Topics lists of past taped talks and upcoming ones in separate posts: African American // Beverages // Bread, flour, salt, horno // British // Chinese // Chocolate // Cookbooks, Manuscripts // Fish // Gardens, Farms // Hearth cooking, ovens // Holiday Christmas // Holiday Easter Eggs // Holidays Nv,Dec // Ice Harvesting // Indigenous // Irish // Italian // Jewish // Maple Sugar // Medical // Medieval foods, gardens // Rationing // Scotland // Tea and Prohibition

JUNE EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
215 / 162 start of month

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*Early lockdown virtual food history talks retrospective & taped talks HERE

*Rations and Rationing HERE

*Fishing, River restoration, Seafood, Roman Fish Sauce talks HERE

*Chinese foodways and restaurants talks and tapes HERE

June 1 Tue 3 Life in Dulwich in WW2 Part 2: 1942-1945. [part 1 1939-42 May 4] Brian Green. Bell House HERE / TAPE HERE / TAPE for pt 1 HERE

Jun 1 Tue 3 The Pleasures of Bath. Sites, activities, Bath buns. Rob Smith, Footprints of London £6 HERE

Jun 1 Tue 6 Keeping House in Seventeenth-Century England. “Mary Evelyn, wife of the famous diarist John… What was expected of a competent housewife in terms of cooking skills, knowledge of home remedies, and the management of servants.” Margarette Lincoln author of London and the 17th Century. Athenaeum of Philadelphia HERE Great talk. TAPE HERE

June 1 Tue 6:30-8 The Joy of Wine. William Schragis. AARP not need membership HERE

Jun 2 Wed 11am The Mediterranean Table - Classic Greek Recipes. Cook some dishes and hear “about the culinary culture and ingredients of the Greek table.” Center for Health & Wellbeing HERE TAPE HERE

June 2 Wed 11 World Peatlands Day. Carbon Planet: a journey into the science of peatlands. Roxane Andersen. University of the Highlands and Islands UK HERE Informative. TAPE HERE

Jun 2 Wed 2 The Craft of Bee Hunting. “locating wild colonies of honey bees” Dr. Tom Seeley. Cambridgeshire Beekeepers Association UK HERE

Jun 2 Wed 2 The Pub: A Cultural Institution from Country Inns to Craft Beer Bars and Corner Locals author Pete Brown £3.50 HERE

June 2 Wed 2:30 Liverpool Cowkeepers- A family history. “The cows kept in Liverpool back yards became part of the life and economy of the city” from mid 1800s for 100 years. Dave Joy. Bolton Family History Society £3 HERE

Jun 2 Wed 3 Licensing the First U.S. Patent: Samuel Hopkins, Eli Cogswell, and the Inventor-Entrepreneur. US Patent #1 "the making of Pot-ash and Pearl-ash by a new Apparatus and Process.” Dr. Arthur Daemmrich. The Hand of History—The Mind of the Inventor: Part 1. United States Patent and Trademark Office HERE Great talk. Taped TAPE may be HERE

Licensing the First US Patent article by Dr. Arthur Daemmrich (who presented the June 2 talk) May 20, 2021. Smithsonian National Museum of American History webpage HERE

Jun 2 Wed 5 Black Freedom on Native Land. “Black people who received the mythic 40 acres, the American settlers who coveted this land, and the Native Americans who originally inhabited the land.” Alaina Roberts. D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies at the Newberry. HERE Youtube live and TAPE HERE

Jun 2 Wed 7 On Juneteenth, author Annette Gordon-Reed. Montpelier staff and OCAAHS. National Archives. HERE TAPE HERE James Madison’s Montpelier VA Virtual Juneteenth Celebration all month HERE

Jun 2 Wed 7 Greece. All Things Phyllo, Learn the Ancient Art of Creating Phyllo Dough Pastries. Maria Kopsidas. Our Luscious Planet, Virtual Cooking with Chefs from Around the World. Les Dames DC $35 HERE

Jun 2 Wed 7 Following the Army: Soldiers and Civilians in the Revolutionary War. Friends of the Indian King Tavern Museum $5 HERE

Jun 2 Wed 7:30 Little John’s Kitchens & Restaurants, Food Insecurity Disrupters. “Chef Dave Heide started Little John's 501(c)(3) as a way to innovate the food insecurity “industry” by transforming food excess into nutritious and delicious chef-quality meals that everyone - regardless of their means.” CHEW Culinary Historians of Wisconsin HERE TAPE HERE

June 2 Wed 8 Taco Trucks: How Mexican Street Food Is Transforming the American City. by author Robert Lemon. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE TAPES HERE Podcasts HERE

Jun 2 Wed 8 We Are What We Eat: A Slow Food Manifesto. author Alice Waters. Books & Books $32 HERE

Jun 3 Thur 12-3 NC Tomato Club History and Transcribathon. “In the 1910s, Jane McKimmon’s tomato club movement taught young girls in North Carolina how to grow, can, and sell their own tomatoes, as part of a broader effort to teach rural families more efficient farming methods through an emerging agricultural extension service.” NCSU Libraries TAPE HERE. Digital collection HERE Tomato club reports HERE Article HERE

Cats in medieval kitchens; in 16th & 17th century kitchens, various images.
Paul de Vos, Cats fighting in a larder, 1663 The Prado HERE

Jun 3 Thur 1:30 Clerical Cats in History. “medieval … carefully cut-out cat doors in cathedrals and expense accounts for additional food that they might need in addition to mousing duties.” Dr Kathleen Walker-Meikle. Southwark Cathedral UK £1 donation [or be more generous… for the kibble!] HERE no tape

Jun 3 Thur 5:15 Beds, Ewes, and Freedom: Promises made to apprentices in medieval England. Rhiannon Sandy Institute of Historical Research (IHR), London HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jun 3 Thur 5:30-7 The History of Ice Cream in New York with Ice Cream Making Demo. Meg Lynch from the Morris-Jumel Mansion. New York Adventure Club. $10 tape HERE

Jun 3 Thur 8-9:30 From Lox to Latkes: How Food Shapes Our Cultural & Religious Identity. Rabbi Michael Shulman. 18Doors HERE

Jun 4 or other day. Jeffersonian Open Hearth Cooking. Linda Ostrand cooks a favorite dish of Thomas Jefferson using original tools and techniques. Originally aired live on Jan. 21, 2021. Orange County Historical Museum $10 HERE

Jun 4 Fri 1 Gelato Making in Florence’s Oldest Gelateria. Livestream tour. Dr. Rocky Ruggiero "Making Art and History Come to Life" $20 HERE

Jun 5 Sat 12-7 Living Breath of wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ” Indigenous Foods Symposium. “traditional foods, plants and medicines; environmental and food justice; food sovereignty/security; health and wellness; and treaty rights.” University of Washington, Seattle WA and the Na’ah Illahee Fund. HERE Schedule HERE

Jun 5 Sat 2-3:30 French Cheese Fundamentals - The Basics. “history, terminology and understanding the French cheese families.” Jennifer Greco $27 HERE

Jun 5 Sat 6-7:30 Medicinal Mead Making: The Honey Wine Of Olden Time. “origins of mead & the ancient history of bees and man…” Denis Manzer. Edmonton Permaculture Guild HERE

Jun 6 Sun 12-12:50 Ontario Picnics: A Century of Dining Outdoors. Author reading Lindy Mechefske. Alice Munro Festival of the Short Story HERE

Jun 6 Sun 3 Food and Drink Emporiums of the West End. Joanna Moncrieff, Footprints of London £6 HERE

Jun 7 Mon 9am - tape for week Be it Ever So Toxic- There's No Place Like Home. Examples including “Salmonella in chicken, lead in colourings and pipes and food adulteration.” Professor Ken Donaldson. Surgeons' Hall Museums £2.74 tape available until July 1 HERE

Jun 7 Mon 12 Give Bees a Chance: An Introduction to Native Plant Landscaping. PA Depart. of Conservation and Natural Resources. HERE

Jun 7 Mon 12:15 All Consuming: Germans, Jews and the Meaning of Meat. John Efron. Institute of Historical Research (IHR) London HERE TAPE may be HERE

June 7 Mon 12:30 Today Sardines are Not for Sale. Paula Schwartz, et al. “On Mother's Day, 31 May 1942, a group of women stormed a small grocery store at … two Parisian market streets, … to protest the food shortages that had become a chronic feature of daily life.” Institute of Historical Research (IHR) London HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jun 8 Tue 9 AM Caller Herring - Scottish Women Herring Workers. “herring gutters and packers…travelled around Britain’s island and mainland communities, working for salt curing companies.” Margaret Ritchie. Museums & Galleries Edinburgh HERE

Herring info - Johnston Collection photos 1863-1975 online HERE The Wick Society oral history (284 recordings) HERE

Jun 8 &22 Tue 10 Preschool Tuesday LIVE! Farm Life. Miss Michelle. The Farmers' Museum, Cooperstown HERE

Jun 8 Tue 12:30-2 Say It with Sweets – Culinary Gifts in Ottoman Culture. Mary Işin. Culinary Historians of New York $10 HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 8 Tue 2-3:30 The Broads: Past, present & future. “estuary that became blocked and led to drained grazing marshes and peat forming; how the peat led to the fens and the cutting of the peat led to the lakes…” Simon Hooton. Suffolk Wildlife Trust UK donation HERE

Jun 8 Tue 3-4:30 Virtual cacao farm tour & chocolate tasting. La Magdalena cacao farm in the Dominican Republic. Chocolopolis HERE

Jun 8 Tue 5 PEI Oyster Masterclass with a World Champion Shucker! Patrick McMurray. Prince Edward Island Canada HERE

Jun 8 Tue 6 History of the Conestoga (Part II) Dammit! The effects of dams in the 18th and 19th century. Lancaster Conservancy PA HERE, TAPE HERE History of the Conestoga River Aug 17, 2020 TAPE HERE

Jun 8 Tue 6:30 Coffee's Hot History. Francine Segan. AARP not need membership HERE

June 8 Tue 7-8:30 America's Sweet Candy History. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Spartanburg County Public Libraries SC HERE

Jun 9 Wed 8-9:15 AM Families and Food in Hard Times. Panel of 8 speakers incl authors Dr Rebecca O'Connell, Julia Brannen. University College London. HERE TAPE HERE openaccess e-book HERE

Jun 9 Wed 12 History of Sarasota County Extension: Your Resource Since 1927. UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County HERE

Jun 9 Wed 12:15 Strikes, Food Riots, and Living Standards in the Yorkshire Coalfield 1786-1801. Joe Stanley. Institute of Historical Research (IHR) London HERE not taped

Jun 9 Wed 1:30 Getting Away with Murder: Criminal poisoning in the 19th century. Sandra Hempel. City of Westminster Libraries & Archives UK HERE

Jun 9 Wed 2-5 The Apple Orchard. from myths, history, biology, genetics and more. author Pete Brown £3.50 HERE

Jun 9 Wed 2:30 Keeping our feet dry: A short history of Anglo-Dutch drainage by Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology (SLHA) £3 HERE

June 9 Wed 6-6:45 CARE Package Cook-off Chef Spike Mendelsohn, featuring contents from the original CARE Package. At the end of WWII, group created “CARE Packages of lifesaving food and supplies.” 75th Anniversary. CARE USA HERE TAPE HERE or facebook TAPE HERE

June 9 Wed 7 Cooking by the Book. Cookbooks in America from “the late 18th century to the present.” Sarah Wassberg Johnson. Geauga County Public Library NY HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 9 Wed 7 Origins of a French Specialty – Crêpes. “early French history, early history of crêpes, and a basic recipe for crêpes.” Adeline Soldin. Bosler Memorial Library PA HERE

Jun 9 Wed 7 Israel. From Israel with Love, Joan Nathan’s Home-Cooked Favorites. Our Luscious Planet, Virtual Cooking with Chefs from Around the World. Les Dames DC $35 HERE

Jun 10 Thur 10:30 Slow Rise: A bread-making adventure. author Robert Penn “learnt how to plant, harvest, thresh and mill his own wheat, in order to bake bread for his family.” York Festival of Ideas 2021 UK HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 10 Thur 12 Exploring Calabria's Art and Cuisine. Southern Italy food and art. Elaine Trigiani from Tuscany. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

Jun 10 Thur 12-12:45 Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue with author Adrian Miller in conversation with Leni Sorensen. Virginia Festival of the Book. HERE TAPE HERE

June 10 Thur 12:30 Ice cream. Pleasure, Parlors, Phosphates, and the Pastoral: Ice Cream Consumption Sites and “Spa” Culture in 19th Century America. (Hannah Spiegelman). Celebrity Chefs, Ice Cream Makers, and White Supremacy: Global Food and Cooking in London Homes, 1850-1914. (Dr Laura Humphreys). IHR Institute of Historical Research. U London HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 10 Thur 2 Online Rum [history] and Coffee Event. Plato Moysiadis, Unorthodox's Chris Bode. Unorthodox Roasters HERE

Jun 10 Thur 5 High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America, Stephen Satterfield. “docuseries, Philly's robust food scene and culinary history, Juneteenth, and African American contributions to America’s kitchens.” The Philadelphia Inquirer HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 10 Thur 6 A Fishy Tale of Great Underwater Migrations. “tell the tale of our fishy Susquehanna [River] migrants past and present.” Keith Williams. Lancaster Conservancy PA HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 10 Thur 7 Bordeaux: A History of the World’s Most Famous Wine. Dr. Charles Ludington. North Carolina Museum of History HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 10 Thur 7 The Meatpacking District: A History of NYC's Meat Purveyors. Jacquelyn Ottman. New York Adventure Club $10 tape HERE
Jun 10 Thur 7 The Oyster Wars of the Chesapeake. “mid-19th century through the 1950s, oyster pirates, legal watermen, and authorities engaged in violent disputes.” Dakota Springston. Smithsonian Associates $30 HERE

Jun 10 Thur 8-9:30 Aperitivo Hour. Italian “history of aperitifs and the aperitivo hour, sip spritzes, and prepare snacks.” Maite Gomez-Rejon | ArtBites $25 HERE

Jun 10 Thur 9 Peruvian Food Wine Pairing. Emely Hernandez HERE

Jun 10 Thur 9:30-11 The Whisky Islands of Scotland. Holly. New York Adventure Club $10 tape HERE

Jun 11 Fri 11-12:30 Food, Religion and Communities in Early Modern Europe, Pt 1: discussion with the author Christopher Kissane. Pt 2: Debate 1pm. Warwick Food Global Research Priority. University of Warwick UK HERE

Jun 11 Fri 1 Living Tools: Traditional Archery and Hunting. Shawnee Tribe. Talon Silverhorn. Date changed from 10th, link to talk from HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 11 Fri 1-2:30 Food, Religion and Writing Debate. “Which foods and beverages mark particular religious occasions (and why)? When and where do consumption and spirituality come into conflict?...” U of Warwick UK HERE

Jun 11 Fri 2:30 Armchair Travelers: French Foods! Bristol Public Library HERE

Jun 11 Fri 8 Midcentury Cuisine: American Food Fads from the 1940s through the 1960s. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Lisle Library District IL HERE

Jun 11 Fri 9:30-11 Visiting Japan's most well known fish market. Tsukiji fish market. “secrets of sashimi, tuna, wide array of seafood from oysters, crabs and sea urchins to exotic rare ones… learn Japanese cuisine and gastronomy.” Centre for Responsible Tourism Singapore $17.84 HERE

Jun 11 Fri 10 We Are What We Eat: a Slow Food Manifesto. author Alice Waters in conversation with Eric Schlosser. Chez Panisse 50th anniversary. Elliott Bay Book Company $32.50 HERE

Jun 12 Sat 6AM What a Soda Bread - Cook-a-long with Ulster Folk Museum. Dr Claire McEvoy, interpreter Claire Brown. Head & Heart Arts and Mental Health Festival. Reimagine Remake Replay HERE

Jun 12 Sat 8AM Post-Roman Pottery Production: Why the wheels fell off. Pottery wheel brought by the Romans, after 400 yrs, Romans left and the British returned to hand forming their pottery. Graham Taylor. York Festival of Ideas 2021 UK HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 12 Sat 9-10:30 Market to Supermarkets and beyond ... 200 years of shopping. Dr. Michael Winstanley. Oldham and District Branch of MLFHS UK HERE

Jun 12 Sat 12 Live with Locals: Andalusia & Olive Oil. Spain, “explore Andalusia, arguably the world’s most important producer of olive oil. Learn more about the history of olive oil, from ancient Roman oil mills to modern facilities.” Maike in Málaga. Meadows Museum $10 HERE

Jun 12 Sat 1 Beyond Soul Food: Soul Food Time Machine. “culinary pioneers like Abby Fisher, Edna Lewis” Lachelle Cunningham. Mississippi Market Co-op HERE

Jun 12 Sat 1:30-4:30 Japanese Luxury Ingredients and Their Transmission to the West. “initial impression of Japanese cuisine and its ingredients by Portuguese traders and missionaries, followed by their usage and detailed discovery by the Dutch in the 17th…” Ken Albala. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 13 1-3 Gastronomic Contributions from Mexico to the World. “Teotihuacan History and Food Tour: maize, tacos, and chocolate - a delicious trip from ancient to modern Mexico!” Impact Travel Collective $15 HERE

Jun 13 Sun 12-1:30 Wood-Fired Baking & Focaccia. “Chatham’s Eden Hall Wood Fired Bread Oven” tools, fire, how to bake. Then make Focaccia. CRAFT. Chatham U. PA $25 HERE

Jun 13 Sun 3 Germans in New Orleans: The Nineteenth Century. German American Heritage Center $5 HERE

Jun 14 Mon 9am Using Remote Sensing in your historic designed landscapes research. “lidar, geophysics, aerial photography and drones.” Keith Challis, Remote Sensing Co-ordinator at the National Trust. Series on researching and recording historic designed landscapes. Also May 17 share your research/pics. The Gardens Trust HERE

Jun 14 Mon 2 Rare Breed Pigs and Rewilding. Do they have a part to play? Conservation Chat UK Ltd. Donation HERE

Jun 14 Mon 6-6:45 Coffee 101. “variety of coffee origins and styles and teach you the brewing techniques” Formaggio Kitchen $5 HERE

Jun 14 Mon 6 What’s Good?: A Memoir in Fourteen Ingredients. Peter Hoffman in Conversation with Adam Gopnik. 92Y $10 HERE

Jun 14 Mon 6:30-8 Land of the Free. “examining Black people’s connection to the American land from Emancipation to today.” Natalie Baszile author of We are each other’s harvest about black farmers. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture TAPE HERE

June 14 Mon 7 Indian Plant Garden Tour with Reetu Sharma. Originally from Delhi, India, Reetu “combines the diversity of fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, and pollinators to create a thriving edible ecosystem.” Austin Organic Gardeners TX HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 14 Mon 7-8:15 The History of Ice Cream in New York w/ DIY Ice Cream Making Demo. Meg Lynch from the Morris-Jumel Mansion. Sharon Historical Society, Sharon Springs, NY HERE

Jun 14 Mon 8 The Spice of Life - Opium, Coffee, and Tea. “production in South & Southeast Asia.” Anthony Zola. Road Scholar $25 HERE

Jun 14 Mon 8-9:30pm Excess to Extremism: How Colorado’s National Guard Spoiled Kitchens. The Girl who dared to Defy: Jane Street. Author Jane Little Botkin. Golden History Museum & Park $10 HERE

Jun 15 Tue 11-12:30 English Landscapes & Identities Investigating Landscape Change from 1500 BC to AD 1086 author Robyn Mason. “landscape in various periods; changing forms of food over time; an understanding of spatial scale; and questions of enclosing and naming the landscape.” The School of Archaeology, University of Oxford HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 15 Tue 12 Rewilding Rice: Indigenous Connections to Ravines. Canada “ravine wetlands, rivers, and creeks in Tkaronto were once used for substance …the landscape is strikingly different” Dr. Debby Wilson Danard, Isaac Crosby, Jeffrey Kiyoshk Ross. Evergreen HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 15 Tue 5 A Tasting of Indigenous Cultures. “rich history and cultures of Indigenous cuisine and wine in” British Columbia, Canada. Learn to make bannock. National Indigenous History Month. Indigenous Tourism BC HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 15 Tue 7 The Real Housewives of NJ: Early American Women & Their Kitchen Gardens. Lesley Parness. Whippanong Library NJ HERE

Jun 15 Tue 7pm Food is Connection: Food Sharing Among Generations. “celebrating seniors/elders as food knowledge holders and how that knowledge is passed to younger generations.” CRFAIR & Food Literacy Working Group HERE

Jun 15 Tue 7-8:30 Foraging, Food, and Myth: Edible Weeds. Felicity Roberts, Ryley Bucek. Atlas Obscura $25 HERE

Jun 15 Tue 7 Why we Cook: Women on Food, Identity, and Connection. author Lindsay Gardner & Dr. Jessica B. Harris. Les Dames NY $10 HERE

Jun 15 Tue 7:30 The Culture & Infamy of Vermouth: Vermouth & Drinking Culture. “from medicinal to European spritz culture to American cocktail culture.” Natasha Bahrami, Julia Ritz Toffoli, Dr. Jessica Spector. Museum of Distilled Spirits $39 HERE

Jun 15 Tue 8pm Red Drinks for Juneteenth: Exploring the Black Foodways of the Juneteenth Holiday and Beyond. LA Times Food Bowl 2021 Food Forum panel. Los Angeles Times HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 16 Wed 8-10AM UKBG Presents: Whisky Tasting & Cooperage Masterclass with Glen Scotia distillery. Gary Mills. The UK Bartenders Guild HERE

Jun 16 Wed 1-2:30 From Dickens to Downton: The World of Victorian & Edwardian Food. Carl Raymond New York Adventure Club $10 HERE

Jun 16 Wed 2 Refugee Week - Souper Tales from Spitalfields . “Soup kitchens … arrival of the Huguenots in the seventeenth century and later with the Irish and Jewish in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.” Phil Carstairs. Huguenots of Spitalfields £5.80 HERE TAPE may be in July HERE

Jun 16 Wed 2-3:30 Salt. “many metaphors, the symbolic and physical properties of salt.” Helene Lustrup. The Pythagorean Society £4 HERE

Jun 16 Wed 2-5 Miracle Brew by author Pete Brown. £3.50 HERE

Jun 16 Wed 2:30 A History of Ice Cream. Beeston and District Local History Society UK HERE

Jun 16 Wed 3 Cooking for Juneteenth, Living History @ Home. Wood stove cooking at Genesee Country Village & Museum. Cheyney McKnight, Millen Shiffer. New-York Historical Society. The DiMenna Children's History Museum HERE

Jun 16 Wed 5 When in the Renaissance, eat as the artists ate. Botticelli, Caravaggio, Brunelleschi Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Pontormo. Florence, Italy. Curious Appetite Travel $30 HERE

Jun 16 Wed 6 Cultures in Culture: Kombucha and Tapai. Siberian and Malaysian cultures. Olga Sorzano, Ange Branca. Culinary Literacy Center $15 HERE

Jun 16 Wed 6:30-8pm Traditional Food Systems, Agrobiodiversity & Planetary Health. Latha Swamy. Sanctuary Kitchen by CitySeedHERE

Jun 16 Wed 7 Honoring Juneteenth - Food as a Form of Celebration. Dr. Leni Sorensen, food historian “will explore this holiday through food traditions.” Patchogue-Medford Library NY HERE

Jun 16 Wed 7 Eliza Lucas Pinckney: An Independent Woman in the Age of Revolution author Lorri Glover. Indigo, “elaborate recipes, macabre medical treatments…” George Washington’s Mount Vernon HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 16 Wed 7 Iran. Nush e-Joon, May Your Soul Be Nourished. Najmieh Batmanglij. Our Luscious Planet, Virtual Cooking with Chefs from Around the World. Les Dames DC $35 HERE

Jun 16 Wed 8 Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah (Shore). Flo Selfman. Culinary Historians of Chicago. HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 16 Wed 8 Taste the Nation. “Padma Lakshmi, takes audiences on a journey across America, exploring the rich and diverse food and culture of various immigrant groups. From indigenous communities to recent immigrant arrivals.” International Documentary Association HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 16 Wed 9-10:30 pm Aboriginal Cooking Class. Sharon Brindley of Indigenous-owned eatery, Cooee Café. Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, Victoria Australia $7 HERE

Jun 17-18 4-11:30 AM You Are What You Eat: Food and Identity From The Middle Ages to the Modern, “featuring 23 papers on a wide range of themes / regions / periods.” Warwick Food History Conference. Warwick Food Global Research Priority. University of Warwick UK HERE

Jun 17 Thur 8AM One Year of Irish Seafood - Book Launch and End of Project Event. Authors Dr Cordula Scherer and Dr Agnese Cretella “aim to boost Ocean Literacy amongst the people of this island nation across all ages” stewardship Food Smart Dublin, Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 17 Thur 12 Frybread workshop. National Indigenous History Month. Canada. Donna McLeod Shabogesic and Kelly McLeod Shabogesic HERE Cancelled

Jun 17 Thur 1 Planet Palm: How Palm Oil Threatened the World. “history, science, politics and food, as seen through the people whose lives have been upended by this hidden ingredient.” Jocelyn C. Zuckerman. Intelligence Squared £9.99 HERE Politics & Prose TAPE HERE

Jun 17 Thur 1 The Global Heritage of British Natural History. Prof. Pratik Chakrbarti. Linnean Society of London HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 17 Thur 1 The Future of the Past: Digitalised manuscripts. “Polonsky Foundation, which provides support for digitising ancient texts deposited in the world’s most eminent libraries.” Elena Kashina of the Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of York. York Festival of Ideas 2021 UK HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 17 Thur 2:30 Bricks & mortar: rural industry and supply of building materials 1700-1900. Lime kilns. George Sheeran. YVBSG Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group UK HERE FULL TAPE HERE

Jun 17 Thur 3-3:45 Celebrating Juneteenth Through Culinary History. NYPL Teen program. New York Public Library HERE

Jun 17 Thur 6-7:15 Making and Cooking with Ghee 101. “Ghee has been a staple of Indian cooking for thousands of years. It’s made through a process of clarifying butter.” Sandeep Agarwal. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School $24.95 HERE

Jun 17 Thur 7 Food Forest 101 “edible ecosystems projects from London, Ontario, to Ghana, West Africa.” Roots Without Borders, Westminster Ponds Centre HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 17 Thur 8 On Juneteenth with author Annette Gordon-Reed. Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and Museum HERE

Jun 17 Thur 8 Adventures in Cocktail Gardening. Amy Stewart author of The Drunken Botanist: The Plants that Create the World's Great Drinks. HERE not taped

Jun 17 Thur 10pm Fort from Home Nightcap: Medical Treatments and Remedies of the 19th Cent. Dr. Tolmie, MD. Fort Nisqually Living History Museum $10 HERE

Jun 18 Fri 4-11:30 AM Extraction and distribution of forestry resources in pre-modern Europe. Conference. The Bees in the Medieval World project team. HERE

Jun [17] 18 Fri 4-11:30 AM You Are What You Eat: Food and Identity From The Middle Ages to the Modern, 2 day conference “featuring 23 papers on a wide range of themes / regions / periods.” Warwick Food History Conference. Warwick Food Global Research Priority. University of Warwick UK HERE

June 18 Fri 4-10:30 AM Species of Domestic Spaces: House and Home in Eighteenth-Century Ireland Conference. UCD Humanities Institute. U. College Dublin HERE Great. not taped but papers pub later

Jun 18 Fri 9 AM Fishing for Films in the Moving Image Archive. “from the late 1800s to the 1960s… thriving fishing communities of the past, showing how people worked and lived.” National Library of Scotland HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 18 Fri 12:30 two dates 6/18 - Daily Life in an Ancient World. 6/19 - Recent Excavations. The Art & History of Pompeii. Andrea Fiorillo. Cultural Italy $20 for both HERE

Jun 18 Fri 1-1:45 A Celebration of World Martini Day with No.3 London Dry Gin. History, range of styles. Waitrose & Partners Wine Tasting at Home HERE

Jun 18 Fri 5 Juneteenth Kabbalat Shabbat. “strawberry soda, barbecue, watermelon and red velvet cake are several red foods, symbolizing the blood and resilience of former slaves. For others, it means indulging in traditional black Southern cuisine like fried chicken, collard greens and cornbread.” Be'chol Lashon, 18 Doors… Reconstructing Judaism. HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 18 Fri 6-8 Phoenicia: The story of the Purple People. “food and culture through the stories of culinary traditions … prepare an authentic dish from the city of Tyre.” Meet & Treat CA$27.54 HERE

Jun 18 Fri 7 Food and Foodways in Timor-Leste. “the ways that storytelling, cuisine, and pride can produce long-term social and cultural well-being.” Dr. David Szanto. Westmount Public Library HERE

Jun 18 Fri 8-9:30 European vs. American Chocolate Webinar w/ Chocolate Tasting Kit. Tova Sterling. New York Adventure $10 with tape HERE

June 19 Juneteenth - June 2&17 Annette Gordon-Reed, 15 Red Drinks for Juneteenth, 16 Cheyney McKnight; 16 Dr. Leni Sorensen, 17 NYPL, 19 Juneteenth BBQ Recipes; 19 Collective momory

Jun 19 Sat 9-11 How to Dine Like a Victorian: A Culinary Series Featuring Tea, Chocolate, and Desserts. Becky Libourel Diamond. Bucks County Community College. $49 HERE

June 19 Sat 11:30 Shrimp Ceviche and Coctel de Camarone. Cuisines of Different Cultures. Atlantic Institute SC HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 19 Sat 12:30-4 Meals as Collective Memory “investigates, celebrates, and documents Black food culture in Brooklyn and across the Diaspora.” Weeksville Heritage Center HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 19 Sat 1:30 Wining and Dining in the Renaissance. Barbara Baxter. Culinary Historians of San Diego HERE TAPE HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 19 Sat 3-3:30 The popular Scotch Whisky. Father’s Day. History, dif regions taste, trivia, make drinks. Horseations HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 19 Sat 4-6 Juneteenth BBQ Recipes. “burgers and kebobs, with both meat and vegetarian options..a brief history of Juneteenth.” Addie DeMery. Seward Community Co-op HERE

Jun 19 Sat 8-9:30 Korean Street Food and Travel Event. history, culture, and cuisine…Korean Spicy Rice Cakes (Tteokbokki) Jeanie Colclough HERE

Jun 20 Sun 7AM Sake Talk. Mark Zheng-Garratt of Gekkeikan Kyoto. Japan Centre HERE

June 20 Sun 11-1 How To Make Babylonian Beer Stew and barley flatbread. “main source for ancient Mesopotamian recipes, a collection of three cuneiform tablets from the Old Babylonian period, and prepare a recipe from one of these tablets dating back to approxi­mately 1,700 BCE.” Ursula in Italy, culinary historian and archaeologist. VAWAA Vacation With An Artist $35 HERE

Jun 20 Sun 2:30 The Anarchy: The Rise of the East India Company. Author William Dalrymple. York Festival of Ideas 2021 UK HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 20 Sun 4 The Marmalade Mavens. “From the legendary Janet Keiller, popularly credited with “inventing” marmalade in Dundee, Scotland in the 1700s, to Cooper’s, Chivers and Smucker’s, the world’s great marmalade manufacturers have fascinating stories.” Sarah B. Hood author of Jam, Jelly and Marmalade: A Global History. Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor CHAA. Ann Arbor District Library HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jun 20 Sun 7 Cries and Ballads of London. “perform secular early music, centering on “The Cries of London” by Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625), which reflects cries of street vendors selling their wares.” Church of St. Andrew, Marblehead MA $20 inperson HERE Facebook TAPE HERE

Jun 20 Sun 8 Moroccan Food Staples + Ingredients. LIVE Virtual Shopping Experience. “Moroccan culture, food, and history.” Borderless HERE

Jun 21 Mon 12 The Americas. Fish Passage Conference 2021 “fish passage engineering, fishway research and telemetry studies, river restoration measures like dam removal, mapping migratory routes of fish, legislation.” (Africa, Europe, Oceania next 3 days) World Fish Migration Foundation HERE TAPE HERE World Fish Migration Foundation HERE

Jun 21 Mon 1 The Lost Café Schindler: one family, two wars and the search for truth. Family “in two centuries, two world wars and a family business: the famous Café Schindler… Jews of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.” author Meriel Schindler. The Association of Jewish Refugees HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 21 Mon 2 The Earl of Drogheda to Tony Gregory: 325 years of Moore Street's History, History of Retail in Dublin City Centre. Dr. Mary Muldowney. Central Library DublinHERE TAPE HERE

Jun 21 Mon 7-8:30 Pisco: The Spirit of South America. Jesse Cyr. Museum of Distilled Spirits. $25 HERE

Jun 22 Tue 9 London and Beer. “history of beer being brewed and drank in the capital as told by our collections.” London Metropolitan Archives HERE

Jun 22 Tue 10 Preschool Tuesday LIVE! Farm Life. Miss Michelle. The Farmers' Museum, Cooperstown HERE

Jun 22 Tue 2:45-4:15 The joys, triumphs and tribulations of research. 3 speakers – one on Kingsbury Barn (medieval). St Albans & Hertfordshire Architectural & Archaeological Society- SAHAAS -formed in 1845 £5 HERE

Jun 22 Tue 3 The Long, Cold Winter - Life at Fort Clatsop in 1806 . Anne Hyde. UVA Lifetime Learning. University of Virginia HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 22 Tue 4 Jamaican Food Staples & Ingredients. Live Virtual Shopping Experience from Jamaica. “Jamaican culture, food, and history while meeting new people and shopping genuine ingredients.” Borderless gives adventurous HERE

Jun 22 Tue 6 The Melting Pot: Hearth Cooking at Historic Richmond Town. “learn about the tools and implements used to cook and bake over an open hearth. Hosted live” Juneteenth gumbo and strawberry pie.. for teens and adults. Culture Pass NYC HERE

June 22 Tue 6:30 Gourmet Lover’s Tour of Italy: Emilia-Romagan Region in Northern Italy. Francine Segan. AARP not need membership HERE

Jun 22 Tue 7 Food, Slavery, and Archaeological Research at Belle Grove Plantation. Enslaved Foodways of the Valley. Matt Greer, Scott Oliver, Kate Bajorek and Linda Seminario. Shenandoah Valley Black Heritage Project HERE

Jun 22 Tue 7 Historical Table: Summer Picnics. “Why were bananas the most popular picnic fruit in 1910s Colorado?” Curatorial Services & Collections Access $5 HERE

Jun 23 Wed 10-11:30am Involving Communities in Species Conservation. 5 UK groups protecting oysters, seagrass, lobster, sharks, fish. Sea-Changes UK HERE

Jun 23 Wed 12:15 The Story of Sugar and Rum: The Legacies of Family, Wealth and Power in Barbados and Britain. Tara Inniss. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jun 23 Wed 12:30-2 Introduction to Medicinal Plants: history, folklore and magic. Elena Trivelli. Capital Growth £11.19 HERE

Jun 23 Wed 1 Fish Sauce at the Roman Table. “various forms of ancient fish sauces - garum, liquamen, muria, and allec… proposed that certain forms of ceramic cups were associated with these sauces. subjected to residue and use-wear pattern analysis.” Sally Grainger. Study Group for Roman Pottery HERE

Sally Grainger’s A Taste of the Ancient World. youtube channel. TAPES HERE

Jun 23 Wed 2 Food and Drink Emporiums of the West End. London. Joanna Moncrieff, Footprints of London. £6 HERE

Jun 23 Wed 2-5 Pie Fidelity. “nine British classics… fish and chips, pie and peas, Sunday roast. Author Pete Brown. PeteBrown £3.50 HERE

Jun 23 Wed 7 From Start to Finish: A Quintessential Three-Course Meal of The Philippines. Evelyn Bunoan. Our Luscious Planet, Virtual Cooking with Chefs from Around the World. Les Dames DC $35 HERE

Jun 23 Wed 7-9 Drinking Whisky in Japan: A Spirit Travel Series Part 1 Tokyo. “visiting bars, distilleries and … the history of the places we visit.“ Kurt Maitland. Museum of Distilled Spirits $30 HERE

Jun 23 Wed 7:30-9 Cultural History - Diné Farming Practices. Navaho. Indigenous Rights Center/Saad K'idilyé AZHERE

Jun 23 Wed 8pm A Social History of Tea. over thousands of years from Asia to England. The London Tea Merchant $7.50 HERE

Jun 23 Wed 10pm The Evolution of Chinese restaurant food in Southern California. c1960 to the present. Dr. Jong Chen author of Chop Suey, the Story of Chinese Food in America and Pamela Tom. China Society of Southern Cal. HERE/ TAPE HERE

Jun 24 Thur 12:15-2 ‘Shorditch Rents’: two hundred years In the life of a London boarding house. Katherine French. Institute of Historical Research. U of London HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jun 24 Thur 1-2:30 Celebrating 40 Years: Memories and Visions of the Oxford Food Symposium. Kitchen Table #9 HERE

Jun 24 Thur 2 Mr Atkinson's Rum Contract: The rise and fall of a slave-owning family. author Richard Atkinson. Northumberland Archives HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 24 Thur 6:30-8pm A Taste of Old Colony History. Cook along historic recipes and local Massachusetts favorites with the museum staff in their kitchens. Recipe of the month to be sent after registering. Old Colony History Museum. Tauton MA HERE

June 24 Thur 7 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper: American Meals in Historical Context. Sarah Wassberg Johnson. Rye Public Library, NY HERE

Jun 24 Thur 7:30-9 Packaged Toronto: Vintage Food Packaging & The Companies Behind Them. Author Jamie Bradburn. Culinary Historians of Canada. $11.34 HERE

Jun 24 Thur 8 Chicago's Sweet Candy History. “Chicago produced about one-third of the nation's candy.” Dr. Leslie Goddard. Stickney-Forest View Library HERE

Jun 24 Thur 9:30-11 The Ultimate Wine Crash Course: History, Science, & Expert Tips. Amy Karasavas. New York Adventure Club $10 week replay HERE /

Jun 25 Fri 2 Small But Mighty: a Look at the Capacity of Honeybees in our Agriculture. Samantha Schmell. ShopRite Nutrition Team HERE

Jun 25 Fri 3-3:30 Forgotten Recipes of the Smokies with Virginia Willis — Beaten Biscuits. 'Cold Water Biscuits' recipe from Malinda Russell’s A Domestic Cookbook, 1866, will be made using Virginia Willis' own 1877 Biscuit Brake. The Old Mill. TN. Facebook live TAPE HERE

Jun 25 Fri 7-8:30 Speakeasies of NYC: A Tale of Crime, Creativity, and Celebration. Sylvia Laudien-Meo. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

Jun 26 Sat 6AM Kolkata Egg Roll. A street food of Kolkata, India. “tracing its origins to the capital city of the British Empire in the 20th century.” Ankita Mukherji. Set The Table £11.37 HERE //

June 26 Past to Apron conference. Bridget Bray. BBNY Group LLC $25 HERE

Jun 26 Sat 11 On Barbeque author John Shelton Reed. with Robert Moss, Southern Living's Contributing Barbecue Editor. McIntyre’s Books. HERE

Jun 26 Sat 1 A Dash of History: The Material Culture of Cooking. Julia Wohlforth, Maria Picariello. The Coalition of Master's Scholars on Material Culture HERE tape for members only; Papers: A Measured Response: New England History in Three Recipes. HERE Manuscript ckbk online of Sarah Fayerweather, 1764 HERE and KitchenAid HERE

Jun 26 Sat 1:45-3 Inviting California to Dinner: A native plant food and gardening workshop. “traditional California foods, focusing on easy to grow plants & easy to prepare dishes” Antonio Sanchez. Santa Monica Mountains Fund HERE

Jun 26 Sat 2 Fort from Home Victorian Cooking: Let's Get Saucy. Victorian sauces. Fort Nisqually Living $15 HERE

Jun 26 Sat 2 Languages of Home and Diaspora: Nourishing Palestine in Food and Verse. Reem Kassis and poet Zeina Azzam. Make “ka’ak al-Quds, a quintessentially Palestinian bread ring from Jerusalem.” Smithsonian Folklife Festival HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 26 Sat 5 The Forgotten Chinese of the Napa Valley, 1870 – 1900. “despite significant discrimination … Chinese vineyard workers were able to find success in the early days of Napa Valley.” John McCormick. Chinese Historical Society of America. Donation HERE /

Jun 27 Sun 12 – 1:30 Baking with Buckwheat. Info and make buckwheat cookies. Chloe Newman. CRAFT. Chatham U. PA $25 HERE

Jun 27 Sun 2 Samgyetang: Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup Across Generations. Yesoon Lee and her son Danny Lee Smithsonian Folklife Festival HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 27 Sun 4-6 Creating Authentic Korean Bibimbap. Chef Suyeon Yang, an expert in Korean Royal Cuisine. Sue's Modern Korean Kitchen $26 HERE

Jun 28 Mon 6 Take the Art, Leave the Macaroni. “food, wine, and art in 19th century Italy.” Am and Brit travellers c1850-1900 reaction to stew stoves, food, takeout boxes. Jacki Musacchio. Art League New Britain HERE // TAPE will be HERE

June 28 Mon 8-9:30 Recorrido Isleño: Third Stop, Vieques. "Arepa de Coco" is a Puerto Rican coconut fry bread.” Roberto Pérez of Urban Pilón. Puerto Rico. Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center. $20 HERE

Jun 29 Tue 1:15 The Origins & Rituals of Absinthe: A Virtual Lecture & Tasting. Allison Crawbuck & Rhys Everett. The Viktor Wynd Museum & The Last Tuesday Society. £8.95 HERE

Jun 29 Tue 1:30-3 The Gardens of Westminster Abbey. History and proposal to be “closer to the monastic garden of herbs, vegetables, vines and fruit trees.” Jan Pancheri. The Thorney Island Society £10 HERE

June 29 Tue 2:30-4 What's up with ewe? The rise & fall of English Sheep Milk Cheese. “1000 years of English sheep milk cheese from Anglo-Saxon times to the present day.” Mark Dawson. Heritage Lincolnshire £8.14 HERE

Jun 29 Tue 3 Sweet Vienna: Capital of Dessert. Michael Krondl. Context Travel $36.50 HERE

Jun 29 Tue 5:30-7 Threads Through the Landscape: Stone Walls. “history of stone wall building in the region through examples from Historic New England's properties.” Leigh Schoberth. Historic New England. donation HERE Tape with password //

Jun 29 Tue 7-8:30 Old Southern Cookery: Mary Randolph's Recipes from America’s First Regional Cookbook Adapted for Today’s Kitchen. Virginia Housewife. Sue Hendricks (recipe adaptations, 1970s) and son Dr. Christopher Hendricks (historical sections). Spartanburg County Public Libraries SC HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 29 Tue 7:30 The Culture & Infamy of Vermouth: Vermouth & Whiskey Culture. Natasha Bahrami, Julia Ritz Toffoli, Dr. Jessica Spector. Museum of Distilled Spirits $39 HERE

Jun 30 Wed 2-5 Craft - An Argument. Craft beer. Author Pete Brown. PeteBrown £3.50 HERE

Jun 30 Wed 5 A Dessert Lover's Tour of Italy. Francine Segan. Context learning $36.50 HERE

Jun 30 Wed 5:30-7 Mediterranean Meze. Class on “traditional Mediterranean meze appetizers, dips and salads” Anna Mays is an anthropologist and food educator. $25 HERE

Jun 30 Wed 6-7:15 The Creole Cuisine of Puerto Rico. “culinary traditions of Spain, Africa and the Taino cultures… ‘criollo’ dish: arroz con pollo.” Nettie Colón. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School $24.95 HERE

Jun 30 Wed 7 Lithuania. Garden to Table, a Lithuanian Feast of Summer Produce. Juste Zidelyte. Our Luscious Planet, Virtual Cooking with Chefs from Around the World. Les Dames DC $35 HERE

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