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Unfinished Business

Well, if you've noticed, I've added a few sections to the site along with a few people. I brought back the w.i.p. section that will hold the status of not only my Batman Beyond but Noob a.k.a. 3 Noob's Ten from the Royal Flush Gang. I'd like to thank noob for asking me to display his edits of his character, which is coming along nicely. A few fixes here and there and this will be one character you'll definitely want on your M.U.G.E.N. select screen.

Batman Beyond is coming along nicely and I will soon have a status page up just like Noob's Ten, but not nearly as many sprites as he has. In other news, I believe the DC vs. Marvel project character intros are on hold yet again as the project members tussle with ideas. I recently released a spiderman and superman intro to be beta tested and won't release them publicly until i get my mugen running again to fix the problems. Stay tuned for major updates to both works in progress and intros.

"You're never truly happy unless you're helping someone else..."

Hollywood Bugsy