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Syllable Go Fish

Skill to work on: Identifying the six syllable types.


- Syllable Go Fish Cards

Examples of Syllable types:
Open: (table, tiger, logo)
Closed: (cat, rabbit, fish)
Final Stable Syllable: (table, purple, bible)
R-Controlled Vowel: (car, burn, hamburger)
Silent e: (plane, rude, hike)
Vowel Team: (hour, plain, play)


- Many of the cards have more then one syllable. Only the syllables in blue count.

- Select the cards that are appropriate for the student's training level. (i.e. the student has studied open, closed, ending and r-controlled, but not vowel consonant or vowel pair yet.)

- Shuffle deck and deal 7 cards to each player. Spread the remaining cards face down on the table. This becomes the pond.

- When it is a player's turn they ask the person of their choice "Do you have any "type of syllable"?". If the person has any of that type of syllable they must hand it over, and the player is allowed to ask again. This repeats until the player does not receive any cards.

- If the person does not have any of that type of syllables they respond "Go Fish". To fish the player draws one card from the pond. If it is the type of card the player had requested they may go again. If not it is the next persons turn.

- Once a player has collected 4 cards of the same syllable type they may put those four cards in their discard pile. (Encourage children to double-check your discard cards so they may practice more)

- When a player runs out of cards they my select 7 cards from the pond.

- When all the cards are used up the player with the most cards in their discard pile wins.

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