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This site will be under construction, for the foreseeable future.  So please bear with us till completed.  Thank You. (Aule Mar)

On these pages you will find a plethora of information, it is placed there to provide a background, or base of information from which to start from.  Most rituals if not all are tailored to meet the needs of the priest or priestess performing them, the group performed with, and the time that they are performed. 

There a new area called "Class Work" This will contain instructions and articled to read prior to attending a class.  I will always try to place them up, far enough before a class, so you can read and develop questions prior to the actual class.  Since its difficult enough scheduling a circle.  We will set aside the first hour or so before a circle for a class.

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When you purchase books or other craft material please patronize your local privately owned pagan book store.

In the Frederick area "As You Wish" 301 846-4385, -  121 North Market St,  Downtown Frederick.  (We have absolutely no financial interest or ties to this store).  If you desire a promo here (you are in the Frederick area) just e-mail us.


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Wheel of the Year

bulletYule (Winter Solstice)
bulletCandlemas (Imbolc)
bulletEostre (Tuile)
bulletSummer Solstice (Midsummer)
bulletLughnasad (Lammas)
bulletMabon Yaviere (Autumn Equinox)