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Betterton Photos and Postcards

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These hotel buildings are still standing and today are apartments.

Owens Cottage and Annex,
today known as the Maplewood Manor (far left) and Maplewood Annex (right and below). Circa 1931.

Owens Cottage today known as Maplewood Annex

Owens Cottage. Circa 1906.

Hotel Rigbie

Once the grandest hotel in Betterton, the Hotel Rigbie fell into disrepair and was later demolished to make way for the Rigbie Bluff Condominiums that stand on the site today. Gone is the grand lady, the only hint of her existence still remaining is the stone staircase along the front of the bluff.

Fleetwood House

Chesapeake Hotel (below) Circa 1914. The Chesapeake Hotel was demolished in 1983

Fleetwood House once stood at the corner of Ericsson Avenue and Belmont Place. It was burned down in the late 60's.

The Idlewhile

The Ericsson pier has not existed for over 40 years

The Idlewhile (above) Circa 1926.

A view of the famous Chesapeake Hotel from the water. Circa 1924.

Steamers once arrived regularly bringing passengers and cargo to Betterton. Notice the horse and buggy mode of land transportation as well as the period clothing of the passengers departing the ship.

Another view of the famous Chesapeake Hotel from the water. Circa 1928.

Betterton was once a popular destination for vacationers from Baltimore, many of which stayed here, in the famous Chesapeake Hotel (left) or the Hotel Betterton (below).

Hotel Betterton

Parking at the Foot of Chesapeake Avenue

The Atlantic today known as the Anchor Inn housing apartments

Parking Sqare

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A view of the beach.