"1960 Fender DW Stratocaster"

Here is a very rare, and unique Fender custom shop 1960 DW Stratocaster.

The rumor has it that there were only 16 made. God only knows, but just try to find one... this model is extremely rare.

I do not know why Fender named it the "DW Stratocaster", nor does anyone whom I have discussed this. I do know that this model was never in Fender's catalog, but it wouldn't be too far fetched that somebody at Fender just felt like making a few of these. But if you're an SRV fan, you'll know what it is, but Fender did not name it as such, probably a story to this ...

So here it is.. a custom shop guitar that's made exactly like the "Charley" stratocaster built for Stevie Ray Vaughan back in 1983 by Charley Wirz, a friend and owner of "Charley's Guitar Shop" in Dallas, Texas. Stevie Ray said this guitar had lots of bite (very true for the DW strat as verified by my test play) The Danelectro lipstick tube pickups were rewired with one volume and tone control. This same guitar is shown on the cover of his LP "Couldn't Stand the Weather" and can be heard on the tracks: "Tin Pan Alley", "Life Without You", and "Couldn't Stand the Weather".

Here are links for more info, and what gear Stevie used with the "Charley" stratocaster:



Aside from this guitar from being a cherished collectible, you can expect a very musical tone as with any custom shop built guitar, and the best in fit and finish. The pickup selection is via 5 way switch with the usual pickup combinations. The tone control is active in all pickup combinations. With the aggressive response of the Lipstick pickups, the 2-4 settings are better defined and more focused in the treble than with typical strats.

The bridge/ tailpiece is fixed in a string thru design for increased body resonance, and tonal character. This guitar has a medium relic treatment, some gloss reduction of the finish, and mild age checking. The vibe is the feel of an old guitar stored long term and rarely played.

Hardtail string thru design
lacquer finish lightly checked, relic treatment
Vintage style Seymour Duncan lipstick tube pickups
Volume, tone controls, CTS Pots
1960 C profile maple neck
5 way switch,
Rosewood fretboard
Vintage medium frets
Includes vintage style tolex case with COA and case candy