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Tweety's Palace
Tweety's Palace

Tweety's Bio

Tweety’s the little yellow canary bird that hates Sylvester the Cat. Tweety usually benefits from either the help of outsiders, such as Granny or one of the generic bulldogs that infest WB cartoons, or just plain cartoon laws of gravity and luck. Usually,Tweety would take the offensive in protecting himself.

Bob Clampett created Tweety. Bob had a fascination with baby birds he fondly remembered from nature films.While WB had had similar birds before, Bob gave the bird a lisping baby voice, a head that looked like a baby, and a temperament borrowed perhaps from the Red Skelton character of Junior, the Mean Widdle Kid. Tweety shows that he is no helpless little orphan, as he uses gasoline, clubs and dynamite to protect himself in his debut in “A Tale of Two Kitties” and in the follow-ups “Birdy and the Beast” and “A Gruesome Twosome”.

After censors complained, Tweety changed from pink to yellow. Bob did some of the early preliminary work on “Tweetie Pie”(Tweety) before turning the project over to Friz Freleng, who had an Oscar-winning cartoon. The cartoon, Tweety Pie, has caused some confusion in the name of the character. Sometimes the character is referred to as Tweety, but other times the character is referred to as Tweetie Pie. In “Tree Cornered Tweety”, Tweety appears in an Automat window labeled Tweety Pie, right next to the Lemon Pie. Tweety makes a sculpture in “No Barking,” saying his catch-phrase “I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat.” Putty Tat has also been spelled Puddy Tat. Mel Blanc recorded a hit song “I Tawt I Taw a Puddy-Tat” (words and music by Billy May, Warren Foster and Alan Livingston) in 1950.

Today, Tweety is voiced by two people. Joe Alaskey was listed as the sole voice of Tweety. However, this information was incorrect.Without Bob Bergen, Tweety would be voiceless today. Mr. Bergen and Mr. Alaskey have been sharing Tweety since "The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries" started airing. It is this partnership that brings life and a voice to everyone's and my favorite yellow canary.

Since 1990, Bergen has been performing Tweety's voice on hundreds of projects. Remember a movie called "Space Jam"? The talented Bergen played Tweety through the entire movie. Cool, huh?

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