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Lights, Cameras, Action:
Technology Integration
Through Television Production
Gwyneth A. Jones
Murray Hill Middle School
Howard County Maryland
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Students integrate available technology to produce a professional, research-based, live daily television broadcast in addition to producing pre-recorded research-based news magazine segments and public service announcements.

What are the benefits and/or outcomes of this best practice?

Research-based television production encourages appropriate integration of technology including use of the Internet, software applications and use of technical equipment. It provides an audience for creative production in the school community and supports and encourages career connections in a variety of fields including journalism, multimedia, photography, technology, public service, and more. MSPAP outcomes for reading and writing are easily integrated into the processes of television production which emphasize understanding by engaging students in thoughtful application of knowledge, processes and skills, and result in student products and performances. Students are continually required to work collaboratively, to read and write to perform tasks, to inform, to persuade, and to interpret, analyze, and evaluate data.

How is the best practice related to the school improvement plan?

The best practice supports the county and state reading and writing initiatives to support MSPAP learning outcomes, is used as a medium for supporting human relations and diversity within our community. It also is a working model of best practices for appropriate and effective technology integration.

How is technology used?

Students access current news from online and print sources, weather data online in addition to our in-school weather station (AWS), graphics from online sources, digital images of local weather conditions, community members, and other images to support a daily news program. Scripts are written and edited daily using Microsoft Word and exported to the teleprompter. Using multimedia software, students design introductions and animations to be used in HyperStudio™ or PowerPoint graphic templates. Students use digital editing to prepare specials to be used on the show. During daily production, teams operate the studio equipment including a teleprompter, computer graphics, mixing board, and audio.

Lights, Cameras, Action: Technology Integration Through Television Production

An Overview of Daily Live Television Broadcast at Murray Hill Middle School

Goal: Produce a daily live news television broadcast.

Pre Production

    • Conduct an application process to select a crew for your studio.
    • Complete application using Microsoft Word
    • Optional resume
    • MSPAP: reading to perform a task; writing to inform, persuade.
    • Train as appropriate to operate equipment/perform jobs.
    • Software application: Microsoft Word, Opifex teleprompting software, AWS weather software, Web Browser, HyperStudio™, Specular Logomotion, AVID Cinema.
    • Hardware: Video cameras, mixing board, teleprompter, Computer generator, VCRs, CD player, microphones, analog-editing equipment.
    • On-air talent
    • MSPAP: reading to perform a task; writing to inform, persuade.
    • Design a basic format to follow for your show. (storyboard, HyperStudio™ stack, Internet bookmark list)
    • Create a basic presentation software template for the graphic format of your show (HyperStudio™, PowerPoint)
    • Create an opening logo or movie using a graphics or video program (SpecularLogomotion, Microsoft Word, Painter).
    • Assign students a time schedule to arrive (10-45 minutes pre-school, depending on assignment)
    • Using a preset bookmark list of news and weather sources on the Internet, select the news topics for the day or use print copy of newspaper.
    • Download appropriate images or weather graphics.
    • Script writers will summarize and print news stories using word processing software (if using a teleprompter, save as text file to import)
    • Technician will update presentation template with current images to be used with news stories and weather graphics if appropriate; update credits if necessary.
    • On-camera talent will rehearse scripts.
    • All crew members will check to make sure equipment is on and ready.
    • Producer/Director will review production/format changes prior to on-air broadcast.
    • Access closed circuit system in your school.
    • Air broadcast.
    • Videotape productions for review/archive.
Post Production
    • Provide immediate feedback on quality of show.
    • Occasionally have crew members view and analyze previous shows to make improvements (using rubric).
    • Edit show tapes to create an archive of best, special, or bloopers (analog editing equipment and/or digital with AVID Cinema).
    • Conduct a focus group to assess audience impact.
    • Create a organization/labeling system (media archive) to avoid recording over important footage
    • Plan for making duplicate copies for distribution
Internet Resources for Television Production at Murray Hill Middle School

Daily Production

Ikeep As students share and add to our list of MHTV bookmarks, we have begun maintaining a universal set of appropriate bookmarks for daily studio use. It is possible to monitor, edit, and password protect the pre-set lists.

MHTV Bookmarks Weather Segment

Murray Hill's Current Weather Conditions: In addition to the AWS software in our studio, which allows us to access our current weather data, our current weather data is available on our homepage.

MHMS AWS AWS network: Anyone with Internet access can access weather stations around the country to get current weather conditions. AWS Network WeatherNet 4, Washington,D.C.: As part of the WeatherNet 4 FourWinds program, we are allowed to download and use the channel 4 weather maps as part of our daily broadcast. NBC4 Weather Fanatics The Weather Channel: We access this site for weather maps and coverage of weather events. The Weather Channel WBAL Channel 11, Baltimore: As part of the WBAL InstaWeather program, we access weather maps and other weather related data and information. WBAL Weather The Baltimore Sun weather Baltimore Sun News Segments

Yahoo News Summary: An easy to use overview of the major news stories of the day for a variety of national, sports, entertainment, technology, and science news.

Daily News Summary The Washington Post: In addition to using the print version of this paper for detail and stories of local interest, we access the Internet site as well for archival information and graphics. The Washington Post The Baltimore Sun: In addition to using the print version of this paper for detail and stories of local interest, we access the Internet site as well for archival information and graphics. Baltimore Sun Special News Features/Magazine Segments

The New York Times Learning Network: an excellent source for in-depth coverage of long term news issues such as School Violence, Election Campaigns, Crisis in Kosovo, and theWorld Trade Organization. This site includes current events articles related to the topic, background primary source information, research sites and topics, related issues, and points of view related to the issue. Good resource for special features and in-depth coverage of issues.

New York Times Learning Network Public Agenda is a an online public opinion and policy analysis service which provides guides which offer a nonpartisan briefing on policy and polling -- including "red flags" where poll results may be misleading; a digest of news, legislation, and studies; research sources. It is possible to register for online updates. Public Agenda The Ad Council maintains a site, which provides a history of public service campaigns and is a source of current campaigns. It provides a reference site for students to use as a model for developing their own public service campaigns. Ad Council General Resources on Television Production

Cybercollege: Television Production. On online television production curriculum for instruction of students or reference for professionals.

Cybercollege AvidCinema: an easy to use software package used for digital editing of video clips for television production. This site has tutorials for using the program in addition to project suggestions. Avid Cinema

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