Femme magique en éternité,
ton coeur est comme un feu sacré,
ta tendresse est même plus angélique
que la fragrance d'une île mystique.

J'écoute les mots de ta belle chanson,
le tranquille rhythme n'est pas surprenant,
car ton corps est noble et vertueux,
ton esprit est calme et mystérieux.

Tu fais un souffle de vent sur la mer,
et changes les couleurs sur le sable et la terre,
et ta beauté n'est jamais cachée,
car ta sagesse est ton meilleur secret.

For John Coltrane

Your solo has a powerful virtuosity,
Pouring out of your soul with such sustained intensity,
Expressing new ideas and inventing phrases,
Exploring the blues in so many ways.

The sound of your music is strong and confident,
Giving your songs a beauty and freedom we can never forget,
Your horn moves in and out of the melody,
Taking us to a higher level of spiritual reality.

Your band is grooving with your inspiring sound,
Taking the high notes and flying,
and jamming on the rebound.
You give us a soulful melody shaped by the blues,
And play it so clearly that we know itís the truth.

You display your mastery of rhythm and phrasing,
And blow your horn so strongly, itís truly amazing.
Your impact on saxophone playing continues, as ever,
You are such an innovator, you can play forever.

Copyright © 2000 Alex Scott

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