Have you ever asked yourself what is real in your life and what is a facade? Are you acting out what others expect of you? Are you taking on a persona that is only for others, until you are so used to living it that you almost forget it is only a construction for others?

Life is a succession of days, ended by death. One day brings life, and another, and another. One day brings death, and the day after is just like any other day. We try to remember life's meaning in the face of death's certainty.

That is why we all wear masks. We have faces, but we wear masks. Sometimes our faces become our masks. We wear masks that become our true faces. There are masks for each of the emotions. Masks for joy and sadness, love and hate, satisfaction and frustration, courage and fear, hope and despair.The masks conceal our true identity. The masks have their own meaning. When we wear the masks, we separate outer appearance from inner reality.

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