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Katsucon 7

(for photos go here)

Since I really am too lazy and didn't want to bore all of you with a long report, I'll just sum it up in saying that although there wasn't a whole lot going as far as events Katsucon gave me a chance to relax, hang out with friends both old and new, and in general enjoy myself. This is something I haven't been able to do even at some conventions, and for that I thank you Katsucon.

Now on to the shout-outs!

Kyo, Squall, Trunks, and Ka-chan - I'd say that we all needed a temporary escape from life and Katsucon did that well, don't you think? ^_~

Ad-chan, Grayson, Lukahn, Heather, Ryouga, Kat, and Nyxa - We need to hang out at cons more often. ^_^ Also, hi to Pixy-chan, Daniel, Tenchi Matt, Billy Kane, and everyone at the late night pocky party. And yes I am a man in tights, and damn proud of it.

Everyone in the impromptu Chrono Cross photo shoot: Lynx; Dark Serge, Lynx, and Harle; and Serge, Kid, and the cloaked guy with the staff (sorry I forgot names) - It's true that if we hang out in costume together we won't be able to avoid the cameras but we need to do that again sometime. It was nice meeting all of you and I hope to see you guys again soon.

The Utena Gumi (Utena, Juri, Nanami-san, Wakaba, Miki, Tatsuya, and Touga/Miki) - Hi! It was great seeing all of you again. ^_^ We are a bunch of crazy elevator jockeys. Make sure Nanami-san watches the Black Rose saga *evil grin*.

All the Lunar fans - I never realized how many people liked or wanted to cosplay Lunar either. We should have a Lunar group at Otakon or another con soon. And Lucia! I'm sorry that I missed you on Sunday. The rest of the day was spent epilogue-style. ^_~

Sephiroth, Mini-Sephiroth, and the StairMasters - You guys are hillarious. I guess 3 on 1 isn't really fair, is it?

Celes Maxwell and the Eva crew (Zenlsat) - It's always cool to meet fellow Eva fans. Sorry I got in late on Thursday... maybe I'll bring Kaworu to yet another con. ^_~

The Cosplayers - Great job by everyone! Congrats to all the winners; lol I know from talking to people in real life after the con of at least 3 people (myself included) that really want to see Angel Sanctuary now.

Quick shouts to Toma & friends, Toma's harem, the Otakugirls, Marron the crossdresser, Link 64, and everyone else that I met or talked with at the con! It was great and I hope to see all of you again at Otakon, if not sooner. ^_^


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