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Table of Contents
 Introduction | General & MPT Links | C.L.A.S.S. Session Links: Session 1 "Howdy" | Session 2 "Picture Me" |  Session 3 "Safety Net"
| Sessions 4-5 "Let's Get Digital" and "Who Am I?"| Sessions 6-9 "The Key to Me", "I Get the Point", "Can You Find It?", "So What Do You Think?" | Session 10- "Looking At Data" | Session 11- "Where in the World" | Session 12- "On Your Own"
| Session 13-15- "Web Works" | Session 16- "Gallery Walk" | Glossary |Trainer Resources | Credits | Contacts

Computer Literacy in After School Settings
This page was designed to provide the links and resources that are needed to support the C.L.A.S.S. Club program Starring Me! created by Maryland Public Television. The C.L.A.S.S. Club is an after-school program with the purpose to give kids hands-on computer experience,  guided explorations with the Ineternet, journal writing, creating products using Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Netscape Composer, digital cameras and scanners.
General and MPT Links:
MPT: Kid Works - links, games, and more! AltaVista -with the handy family filter!
MPT: Kid City - postcards, jokes, and more! Ask Jeeves for Kids! -ask a question!
MPT: Teen Town -activities,screensavers & more!  Yahooligans!-the coolest kids search engine around!
K-12 Internet Acceptable Use Policies - from all around the country Develop an  Internet AUP - A guide to create your own Acceptable Use Policy
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Session 1 "Howdy"
Internet Site: MPT: Kid Works
Don't forget to bring an email address of a parent/guardian/adult/ for the next Club Session.

Session 2 "Picture Me"
Software: Adobe PhotoDeluxe
Internet Site: Kodak Picture Playground 
If time permits, send a picture postcard that you created using either Adobe PhotoDeluxe or Kodak Picture Playground to send a FREE Kodak Postcard

to the email address of a parent/guardian/adult that you brought to the Club today.

Worksheet: AdobePhotoDeluxe 2.0 Cheat Sheet

Session 3 "Safety Net"
Internet Sites:

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Session 4 "Let's Get Digital"
Internet Sites:
Go to 
and check out the listing of more than 200 sites about favorite authors!
or Go to
and Ask Jeeves to find information about your favorite author.
Goal: find a website that has information about a favorite author, including biographical information, a picture/painting or graphic of that author and list of books published.

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Session 5 "Who am I?"
Internet Sites:
Pre-selected author websites from the last Club session.

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Session 6 "The Key to Me"
Internet Sites:
Pre-selected author websites from the last Club session.

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Session 7 "I Get the Point"
Software: Microsoft PowerPoint
Worksheet: PowerPoint Cheat Sheet

Session 8 "Can You Find It?"
Internet Site: Evaluation Rubrics for Websites
Also visit MPT: Kid Works for a fun scavenger hunt!

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Session 9 "So What Do You Think?"
Software: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint
Today you will add two more slides to your PowerPoint Presentation one page with a graphic you will save from the cover of a book from your chosen author. The other slide will utilize a graphic/painting/photo/representation of your chosen author with bulleted information about their life. To do this, go back to your pre-selected author sites and look for appropriate graphics. To save that graphic image you may want to refer to the guide, Easy Web Design specifically the section Adding Graphic Images and following the directions on your PowerPoint Cheat Sheet.

Session 10 "Looking At Data"
Software: Microsoft Word, Microsft Power Point

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Session 11 "Where in the World"
Internet Site:

Go to
Explore the state that you have selected.

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Session 12 "On Your Own"
Finish up work on journals, PowerPoint presentations, and other products.

Session 13-15 "Web Works"
For the next 3 classes using the C.L.A.S.S. Website Template and the websites Easy Web Design, Get More From the Web, and Webmonkey personalize your Club's Website with digital pictures, text, links and more!

Session 16 "Gallery Walk"
Show off your products! Look at all your ClubMembers projects and products...admire your accomplishments...after all, they were all done

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Click Here for the Glossary
Trainer Resources:
Maryland Public Television
MPT: Learning Works
MPT: Treasures of the Internet
Internet Integration: A Jump Start
The WebQuest Page
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This page was brought to you by the generous support of Maryland Public Television

This page was created using Netscape Composer by Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones-Library Media/Technology Specialist with way cool contributions from Michelle Feldmesser- Library Media/Technology Specialist for MPT's C.L.A.S.S.Club
under the direction of Andrea Neville, Manager-Educational Projects - Maryland Public Television

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