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Cue For Treason

This site is going to talk about the book we read in class, Cue For Treason.
(I might have skipped some details)

This book is about the main character, Peter Brownrigg, who finds out that the evil Sir Philip Morton has built a wall on Peter's side of the land. Peter and his neighbours decide they should brake down the wall. The following day at night, that's exactly what they did; but unfortunately for them, Sir Philip was there. Peter knew that Sir Philip had seen him, so he throws a rock at him - but he misses!
This got Sir Philip mad. He wanted to catch Peter, even if it was the last thing he does. And that is how this whole story all started...

Peter had no choice; although he was young, he had to run away from home. It was for his own good.
As Peter says, "I always wanted to see the outside world, I'd always wanted adventure, and now i'm going to get it with vengeance."
This sentence means Peter was going to get adventure, and be able to see the outside world, but now, he was going to get it while being on the run.

On his journey, Peter joins a group of actors - and decides being an actor himself. But his fun soon ends when a boy called Kit also joins. Peter and Kit despise each other, and Peter is very jealous of Kit. Then one day, Peter finds out that Kit (which is short for Christopher) is really a girl called Katherine. Since that day, Peter has treated Kit in a nice manner and they both work together as a team.

Because of the winter season which has been unfortunate, they decide they need to go to London and find a career there. Mr. Desmond sends them to Mr. Burbage, the owner of the GlobeTheatre. Without any luck, they don't get the job.

One day, a man in a yellow coat asks Peter to lend him Shakespeare's new play, Hamlet. Without knowing what he had done, Peter gives the man the play, and tells him he'll give it back tomorrow morning at 9:00. To show he's telling the truth, he gives Peter a shilling to satisfy him. After this, Kit arrives and tells Peter what a foolish thing he had done. The man would rush the play to production and earn all the money off of Shakespeare's play. Kit decides to go to that man's house and take it back - before it's too late.

Later that night, they borrow daggers from the company, and go to the man's house. Peter climbs hid way up to the man's window by pushing the dagger into the wood, and climbing on it. Once he got there, he hears two men talking to each other. He waits until they're done, and comes in through the window. At last he finds the play, and a sonnet.

Peter could not be accused of making a mistake for following the yellow gentlemen and repossessing the script. He had to get it back, without Shakespeare knowing. They return home and look at the play carefully; something is highlited. And in the sonnet, something was very peculiar. They did not understand what the sonnet meant, but all they knew is that something was terribly wrong.They then decide to show it to Sir Robert Cecil in London. He works for the queen as a one of her spies. As he looks at it, he thinks hard. He then thinks that he should let his cousin, Sir Francis have a look at it and explain it to all of them. They call upon Sir Francis and ask him to explain to them what the sonnet means. He tells them what it means, and tell them that "SENDNEWSBYPEEL" meant. He says it has two meanings:
1) Make a cut in an orange, put your message in the cut, and send the person a basket of oranges.
2) Reffering to Peel Tower
Peter thinks they should go with the 'Peel Tower' explaination. Sir Robert decides to send one of his men with Peter and Kit, Tom Boyd.

And off they went...they got to Peel Tower, and once all of Sir Philip's men are all out, Tom Boyd goes in. Peter and Kit wait and wait, but Tom is no where to be found! Peter tells Kit that he is going to go in; with his pistol. Peter soon finds out that Tom Boyd had never gotten out of the tower because he was killed by two men that had stayed in. Peter's gun goes off and he is caught. He gets stranded on an island with one of the men that helped to kill Tom. The man's name was Duncan. After several attempts of escaping, Peter finally makes it.
After a long and tiring journey, he makes it back home. There, he finds Kit and his family. He rests, and tells them the whole story.

After taking his nap, Sir Philip comes to his house and asks for Peter. He and Kit manage to escape from home. They head off to London and tell Sir Robert Cecil the whole story.

On the day of the play, John Somers (the shooter) gets ready behind the curtain. When his cue arrives and just before he is supposed to shoot the queen, two guards arrive and arrest him. The play continues successfully. After the play, the queen summons Peter and Kit to congradulate them on a job well done. She decides to be Kit's guardian for two years, and Kit will probably be married by then. Peter asks from the queen his family's land back - for ever. The queen grants Peter's request. At the end of the book, Peter and Kit get married. It says, "I hear from the garden the shouts of laughter as Kit shows my sons how to climb the apple tree."

The End

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