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     Engine and Transmission (May 2001)

The cooling system is really coming together. Here you can see that the radiator/fan assembly is back in. If you look real closely, you can see the new aluminum radiator support brackets. I also installed braided heater hoses and polished the aluminum cooling pipes. 

Here ia a before/after shot of the driveshafts restoration. 

Just a close-up of the braided hoses. More to come in May! 


Pulling the motor from the Eagle went without incident mostly (Just a few scraped knuckles along with the necessary profanity.) The big surprise came when I separated the engine from the transmission and found a strange disk wih holes all the way around, attached to the flexplate. It was a damn magnetic crank trigger. (*#$@^!) (The ignition spark is triggered when the holes in the plate pass a magnetic sensor mounted in the transmission bell housing.) Had I not bought the entire car, I would have never known that the Eagle's ignition system was triggered this way. Working around this will be a little tricky, but if it will physically fit, the plan is to adapt the triggering ring to the Delorean's flywheel.  --->

Out of the car and onto an engine stand, here is our starting point. Under all that greas is a modernized version of the Delorean's original powerplant.   --->

With the accessories removed, it begins to resemble the Delorean's motor a little more. Still very greasy.   --->

Ahhhhh. There's some aluminum under all that grease. I'm about half way through the cleaning process here. I've already ordered new gaskets for everything and I'll swap over the Delorean crankcase and oilpan soon.