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Second World War

Navy Headgear Insignia

Garrison Cap


Chief Petty Officer in Garrison Cap
Officer's Cap

Navy Blue Officer's Garrison Cap Left Side
CB Cap

Seabee Garrison Cap Insignia
(Courtesy: of Patrick Thompson
Officer's Cap

Navy Blue Officer's Garrison Cap Right Side Lieutenant's Bars

Beginning in January 1941 naval aviators, including warrant officers and chief petty officer pilots, wore forestry green or khaki colored garrison caps. This cap was worn with a miniture wing badge on the left side. Afterwards garrison caps were approved for certain other classes of nonaviation personnel in navy blue, khaki and white. With the introduction of the gray uniform, gray garrison caps were added as well. Those wearing garrison caps included: all commissioned officers, warrant officers, chief petty officers and cooks and stewards.

Insignia were modified under a 1943 change so that all officers wore a small version of the officer's cap insignia, one inch in height, were worn on the left side and pin-on grade insignia similar to that worn on shirts were worn on the right side. Chief warrant officers wore their corps device in silver on the right and a small warrant officer's cap insignia on the left. Warrant officers wore the corps device on both sides. Chief petty officers and cooks and stewards wore small versions of their cap insignia on the left side. The naval wing badges were dropped in favor of the standard officer insignia on August 28, 1943.

Members of Construction Battalions (Seabees) attached to the Marine Corps wore marine uniforms and garrison caps. In September 1942 a special insignia was approved for wear on the marine garrison cap by seabees. This insignia was approved only for headgear, but in practice was sometimes worn on the lapels as well. It featured the CB seal.

The cap was never very popular with sailors, but was more practical to stow than traditional naval headgear.

A special thanks to Patrick Thompson and John Stacey for providing the image and information regarding the CB insignia.

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