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Second World War

Marine Headgear Insignia

Dress and Service Cap, Field Hat and Garrison Cap

Marine Enlisted Man
Dress Cap
Field Hat

Marine Field Hat

Marine Officer's Cap Insignia
Silver and Gold

Marine Enlisted Cap Insignia

The basic Marine Corps insignia was the eagle, globe and anchor device, that had been in use in one form or the other since 1859. A total of four different types were in use during the Second World War with officers wearing ones of a higher quality of manufacture. Marine officers wore a bimetal device on dress covers. The anchor and the American continents were in gilt and the eagle and globe were in silver. Officers wore a bronze version on service caps. Enlisted men wore gilt on dress caps and bronze on service caps. The Marine insignia was also worn on the field hat (Montana peaked campaign hat), which was general issue until 1942. After 1942 this hat was worn by drill instructors.

Marine Emblem garrison cap

Marine Garrison Cap with Small Marine Insignia

A smaller version of the eagle, globe and anchor insignia was worn on garrison caps. This lacked the rope found on the larger version of the insignia and was identical to Marine collar insignia worn on the left side of the collar (anchor pointing forward). Marine officers wore miniature grade insignia on the right side of the cap and a slightly larger version of the eagle, globe and anchor device on left side.

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