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U.S. Navy

Second World War

Naval Nurse Corps Device 1917-1944

Naval Nurse Corps Device

Naval Nurse Corps Device

In 1917 insignia were adopted for Navy nurses, which consisted of the device of the Naval Medical Corps superimposed on an anchor with the letters NNC. This insigne was worn on the collar (as minor image pairs) in metal and also on the hat, but was not worn on the cuff. Shoulder marks worn by nurses lacked a corps device. On June 30, 1944 this insigne was discontinued in favour of one without the letters NNC. On December 15, 1944 the dress of female personnel was further revised to be similiar to males in the interest of uniformity. The Naval Nurse Corps insignia were no longer worn on the collar of the blue uniform or the hat. Female personnel wore standard Naval hat insignia according to their grade and the embroidered nursing corps device on their shoulder marks and cuffs.

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