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United States Army

Second World War

Women's Army Auxiliary Corps Sleeve Insignia


Women's Army Auxiliary Corps Sleeve Insignia

On May 14, 1942 the WAAC or Women's Auxiliary Army Corps was established by Act of Congress to allow a uniformed service for women. The corps originally had the status of an auxiliary to the United States Army, but was not considered a part of it. Army nurses were part of the Medical Corps and not of the WAACs. On July 1, 1943 the WAAC became a full component of the United States Army and was renamed Women's Army Corps or WAC. The WAAC "tab" was worn only under chevrons by noncommissioned officers of the WAAC. The colors of the "tab" were moss green and old gold, which were the official colors of the WAAC. The insignia is officially referred to as a "sleeve patch." In an official memo dated May 20, 1942 the following appears: "This item is henceforth to be know as a WAAC patch and not as a tab." Unfortunately, other rectangular cloth insignia with letters or words are generally referred to as tabs and despite the official position most collectors would call this a tab.

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