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Other Cloth Insignia Not Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

U.S. Army

Second World War

Duration of Service Insignia

Sergeant Oresko

Medal of Honor Winner Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Oresko

Sergeant Oresko of the 94th Division is wearing an Ike Jacket with service insignia on the lower left sleeve indicating one reenlistment and one year overseas.

Service Stripes Overseas Service Bars Overseas Service Two Wars
Service Stripes
five enlistments
Overseas Service Bars
four years
Overseas Service
Chevrons and Bars
for Service in Two Wars
(Bullion Embroidered)

Since 1920 services stripes were worn on the left lower sleeve of the uniform coat. Each stripe equaled a reenlistment of three years. Toward the end of World War Two overseas service bars were introduced and worn on the left sleeve above either the service stripes or the World War One overseas service chevrons if the soldier was entitled to either of these. Each bar was a completed six month period overseas that occurred between the dates of December 7, 1941 to September 2, 1946. Overseas bars were also given for service during the Korean Conflict, but were worn on the right sleeve during that period.

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