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Other Cloth Insignia Not Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Second World War

Pocket Patches (Not Aviation Flight Jacket Insignia)

Amphibious Training Command

Amphibious Training Command (Right Pocket)

Not all insignia having the form of shoulder sleeve insignia are in fact shoulder sleeve insignia. Some insignia were worn on the uniform pocket. Squadron insignia of Army, Navy or Marine aviation units are also worn on the left upper chest area. These are large sized cloth insignia, often with designs that are fairly informal and whimsical in nature. In some cases standard shoulder sleeve insignia, for example armored triangles, were worn as pocket patches on coveralls. In other cases unapproved insignia were worn by local authority as an extra or special distinction. The exact number of these unofficial insignia may never be known and I am showing the ones pictured on this page as examples. Another group were pocket patches worn by airborne units and these are covered in a separate section.

Some Examples of Pocket Patches

Field Artillery School 49th AA Brigade 98th Field Artillery Bn. 36th Engineer Combat Regt 10th Arm. Div Tank Qual.
Field Artillery School 49th Anti-Aircraft
Artillery Brigade (1)
98th Field Artillery Battalion 36th Engineer Combat Regiment 10th Armored Div.
Tank Qualification (2)

Another insignia worn over the left shirt pocket was that of an officer candiate school student. If any viewer has examples of other insignia in this category please inform me so that these additional examples can be added.
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  1. Worn on left pocket Courtesy: Lars Kleine
  2. Courtesy: Ric Oshrin

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