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American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations of World War Two by Dr. Howard G. Lanham c.2001

Other Insignia not Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Garrison Cap Insignia of Airborne Units

Second World War

AB soldier

Airborne Soldier wearing Garrison Cap
Airborne Cap

Garrison Cap with Insignia of Artillery Airborne Enlisted Man

Airborne enlisted men wore their insignia on the cap's left side, while officers wore it on the right and their grade insignia on the left.

Airborne Officer Airborne Officer Parachute Infantry Parachute Artillery Glider
Airborne Officer Airborne Infantry
Parachute Infantry Parachute Artillery Glider

A series of Garrison (Overseas) Cap insignia were worn by airborne troops. The glider was to face forward regardless of the side of the cap on which it was worn. The original separate glider and parachute insignia were replaced by a common airborne insignia (para-glider)later in the war. Some of these had branch specific colors and others for general use of all branches.

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