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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Miscellaneous Elements

U.S. Army

Second World War

Basic Force Elements

Engineer Amphibian Units Tank Destroyer Forces Port of Embark
Engineer Amphibian Units 1942 (1) Tank Destroyer Forces 1942 Port of Embarkation 1944

Task Forces

Kiska Victory
Kiska 1943 (2) Victory 1942

The Kiska Task Force retook the island of Kiska (Aleutian Islands) from the Japanese. The Victory Task Force was a traveling road show, which demonstrated the capabilities of the Army to the American public.


Ledo Road Manhattan Project Red Ball Express
Ledo Road c1943(3) Manhattan Project 1945 Red Ball Express 1944 (4)

Military Mission

Moscow 1944

Personnel, Special Services and Pubic Relations

Veterans Administration Pacific Star and Stripes Star and Gripes
Veterans Administration 1944 Pacific Stars and
Stripes Correspondent c1943
Stars and Gripes Performer c1944 (5)
Photographer Yank Correspondent
Official Photographer 1944 (6) Yank Correspondent c1943 (7)


  1. The design was based on the British Combined Operations Insignia.
  2. Not approved by the War Department
  3. Not approved by the War Department
  4. Not approved by the War Department and worn lower right sleeve (also worn as a cap insignia). T.C.M.T.S. indicates Transportation Corps Motor Transport Service.
  5. Army Special Services Variety Show. Perhaps best known performer involved was Don Knotts. Not approved by the War Department.
  6. Worn on the right sleeve six and one-half inches from the end.
  7. A number of correspondent patches exist for different Armed Forces publications.

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